Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Dull dull dull

Dull....  The weather, life, work, egg mayo... Misery guts is currently my middle name. I'm having cravings for all kinds of rubbish and trying to fight them by dwelling on them. It's not noticeably helping. In addition after planning egg mayo for lunch and packing it up ready I've realised I'm sick of hardboiled eggs (never exactly a favourite of mine anyway). Not all eggs - just hardboiled. So I ended up buying a small (170g) tub of Total Greek yogurt for my lunch. Right now I never want another hardboiled egg...  Unfortunately that means wasting the egg mayo I'd planned to have for lunch as there is no way I'm relying on my opinion changing before they go off. Gack. At least I switched it for a Greek yogurt not a chocolate bar sandwich (I've never had a chocolate bar sandwich. But given my current cravings for white bread and junk food it sounds less disgusting to me right now than it should. Actually, now I think about it, no it doesn't - it sounds exactly as disgusting as it should. Urk)
I went for a walk at lunchtime and bought some pens for my colouring book. Originally I bought pencils but they already need sharpening so I decided to try the pens as well / instead. And looking at the pens distracted me from thoughts of food.
This morning I was planning to go out for a run / walk before breakfast but didn't have the energy. I think lingering tiredness and dehydration after-effects from my very active (and hot and humid) weekend are sapping my energy a bit. In case that's not the reason I also decided to slightly increase my carb levels - from < 20g a day to ~ 50g a day. Hopefully it won't cause a sudden weight bounce and drive me to go dashing straight back to ketogenic levels. Because yes, if it seems to make me heavier yet healthier I'll still reject it  in favour of thinner. Since dinner my stomach has been gurgling like nothing I've ever heard (without gluten being involved) so I guess the extra carbs stirred things up a bit.
After work rain stopped walking but that probably wasn't a bad thing given that I had to prepare an alternative lunch for tomorrow - just a salad and homemade dressing but still, that was on top of cooking M a gluten-packed Chinese Curry and myself a gluten free stir fry. Now I'm getting ready for an early night (and playing with my new pens)

Food today:
Breakfast: scrambled eggs with mushrooms, onion and green pepper
Lunch: Greek yogurt and a babybel
Dinner: stir fry of chicken thigh, cabbage and peppers
Snacks: small portion of pork scratchings

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  1. Oh, those food cravings. I suspect then do fade but I find the same when I restrict my food choices and they are SO difficult!
    Those colouring books are so tempting too - I am sure I will succumb!
    J x