Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Did I pass out and sleep till November?

In the middle of the night I had to drag a duvet out of the cupboard instead of just sleeping under the empty cover. I only did that twice throughout the winter - and unless I'm mistaken, it's still August - right?
I was depressed about that before I even got out of bed, so when it got light enough to see how wet and windy it was I wasn't even surprised...  I'm not entirely sure how I stopped myself getting back into bed for the day though, and sell day in the office I was wishing I had. Working in bed under that duvet would have been cozy at least, no more boring and not much more lonely as people on holiday / sick / working from home mean I'm sitting pretty much on my own at the moment. It probably isn't personal... right? Probably...

I did go for a walk at lunchtime despite the early hideousness. After yesterday I took some precautions - I wore a skirt and nylons instead of jeans so that if I got drenched I could just remove the nylons and dry off. It would have been much more comfortable all afternoon - except today turned out the opposite of yesterday and the weather actually cleared by lunchtime. Literally it was still pouring at 11:40 and 10 minutes later it was almost stopped. By the time I was ready to head out just after 12 it had stopped altogether and we weren't rained on at all. So I was able to enjoy walking with 2 of my favourite colleagues (one of whom is leaving the company on Friday :-( )
I'm pissed off (excuse my French) with the train strike this weekend. I was planning to use the trains to visit my mother and brother over the long weekend; now I'll probably end up cramming a visit in the following weekend and have to cut it short so I can do all the tedious back to work tomorrow crap like make lunches and do laundry. Selfish bastards.

Food today:
Breakfast: scrambled eggs with pate, a cherry tomato and a little onion
Lunch: egg, avocado and bacon mayo
Dinner: Pork chop with mushrooms cooked with soft cheese
Snacks: Pork scratchings

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  1. It was extremely chilly, I agree, and last night wasn't all that much better at times. Under the cover and under the quilt!
    J x