Monday, 3 August 2015

Deployment done.

Not a terrible weekend ignoring the leftover stress from the deployment Friday night. I woke up ridiculously early on Saturday considering that I worked until nearly 10 and it took a couple of hours to get to sleep, and just got up rather than lying there stressing more. After breakfast I walked 10 miles, then lay down for just a minute and fell asleep, then watched Hercules 3D (which was a perfect level of undemanding violence for my barely functioning brain) and eventually had an early night. Sunday I also woke up earlier than I wanted to and went for a morning walk - slightly shorter, I only managed 9 miles. After that it was all laundry and cooking with the TV on. Food was slightly mixed in that I ate only acceptable foods, but I did slightly overdo them. I also didn't drink enough liquids (non alcoholic) - this seems to be a weekend trend, I think it comes out of not wanting to be caught short when out for a long walk, but it needs working on.
This morning I woke up dreading work. I'm not sure why this deployment had me in such a tizzy - ironically it seems to have gone quite smoothly in the end - but my blood pressure was definitely up and on Saturday I resorted to the calming powers of whisky to bring me down from the anxiety I was wallowing in.
Anyway, I went into the office and everything was very quiet with no reported issues. In fact I slammed directly from dread to boredom. Never satisfied!
I went for a walk at lunchtime and talked my walking buddy's ear off, which helped quite a bit. I didn't manage another walk after work - my own fault, but I'm struggling with time management at the moment and basically seen never to have any. Time, that is. Or management come to think of it. Something else I need to work on...

Food today:
Breakfast: eggs scrambled with a little bacon
Lunch: egg mayo and half an avocado
Dinner: smoked sausage, cheese and salad platter
Snacks: cheese and cream (not together)

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