Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Can't think of a title

Well, after I posted yesterday things got moderately exciting when I tried to place a Tesco order (no, that's not the exciting bit - I'm not that sad) and my credit card was declined. So I rang the credit card company and they asked me if I recognised a transaction on Saturday, which I didn't. Luckily M did, and I was assured that the account would be unlocked within an hour. So I happily went off to bed and eventually to sleep, then got up this morning to finish placing my order with Tesco - and it was declined again. Arrgh! My second phone call got the card unlocked for real, and luckily it was an 0800 number so I wasn't charged for all the time spent on hold while people read through my notes and took me through security and all the rest of it. Turns out they texted me on Saturday to check the transaction - I didn't get the text because my phone was acting up, so they went ahead and suspended my card. This morning I restarted the phone and like magic it started receiving texts again. There's a reason they always start by asking you if you've 'switched it off and on again' when your PC isn't working...
I think today discovered what I missed Friday night. However after working on a massive ulcer all weekend I'm now immune - it seems the inevitable consequence of making people work a full day then start again a couple of hours later.
Weightwise I've run out of water weight to lose and am not losing noticeably every day but I'll tighten things up now I'm not living in a state of terror anymore and then it will pick up again...

Food today:
Breakfast: vanilla egg fast pancakes with cream and a side of bacon
Lunch: Chicken and salad
Dinner: turkey 'Bolognese' with zoodles
Snacks: cheese


  1. We rely on those cards so very much, don't we? Thank goodness yours was OK.
    J x

  2. James has had his card cloned twice which is a real pain