Friday, 28 August 2015

A mixed day

I worked from home today through a combination of back pain and really not wanting to spend time in the bank holiday traffic chaos.
Of course that meant being able to fit in 3 walks (unburdened by any weight in terms of back packs or hand bags) for a total of 9 miles. But one annoyance there - the first two, as usual, felt good - no back pain - but on the third one it did hurt, so I guess I overdid it a bit. Tomorrow morning I plan a longish walk but with listening to my body that may change or adapt.
Today was also the last working day for one of my favourite colleagues. I have to admit that although I don't like working in IT most of the time it's often the people who make up for that - and a lot of the people there I like are leaving / have left. It doesn't make going to work more appealing as a concept or more enjoyable as a reality. Particularly as my walking buddy is on holiday for a week and my all time favourite colleague is away for 2 weeks. You can expect more and more whinging about my job for a bit I think! Sorry in advance...
I got an unexpected letter from the Royal Berkshire Hospital today. It said it was rescheduling my next check up from Sept 3rd to September 17th - at my request. Here's the thing - I did NOT request that.  At all,  ever. My theory is one or more of the consultants decided to take a week off and I got bumped. I'm not particularly impressed, but it doesn't make a massive difference in real terms - it's just all of a piece with the many examples I've banged on about on here of how inconsiderate the whole organisation is towards its patients. I would be very happy to be discharged and never have to go back there again...
Some good news, my arm didn't fall off / bleed excessively or hurt in any way once the local anaesthetic wore off,  so that's good to know.

ETA :a definite victory!  No Friday evening treat / consolation / comfort booze for me!  I can't say I wasn't tempted, but it was a mild and easily resisted urge :-)
Food today:
Breakfast: scrambled eggs with gf soda bread
Lunch: Chicken thigh with broccoli
Dinner: belly pork slices with green beans
Snacks: cheese, sugar free jelly

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