Monday, 31 August 2015

Dull weekend

This weekend I started the zero carb thing, and even though I was previously very low carb I couldn't believe how lacking in energy I was. On Saturday I did manage to walk 10 miles - but it felt like 20! Sunday I walked at most a mile and a half, today not even that far. I was expecting the first few days to be hard and in fairness in every other way it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be - no upset stomach, headache or (as far as I noticed - M might disagree) moodiness; just an overwhelming desire to lie down all day every day.
Hopefully I'll have more energy soon, once I adapt. Because of the lack of energy I don't have a lot to report for today, I was just watching TV, reading zero carb & keto blogs and forums, and doing a very little cooking.
Even if I'd wanted to go out today the weather would have stopped me so my tiredness was a blessing in disguise - I can't remember the last time I was so unfrustrated and so not angry about constant heavy rain at the weekend!

Food today:
Breakfast: leftover roast lamb
Lunch: Chicken drumsticks and hard boiled egg
Dinner: Pork chop and chicken drumstick
Snacks: cheese

Friday, 28 August 2015

A mixed day

I worked from home today through a combination of back pain and really not wanting to spend time in the bank holiday traffic chaos.
Of course that meant being able to fit in 3 walks (unburdened by any weight in terms of back packs or hand bags) for a total of 9 miles. But one annoyance there - the first two, as usual, felt good - no back pain - but on the third one it did hurt, so I guess I overdid it a bit. Tomorrow morning I plan a longish walk but with listening to my body that may change or adapt.
Today was also the last working day for one of my favourite colleagues. I have to admit that although I don't like working in IT most of the time it's often the people who make up for that - and a lot of the people there I like are leaving / have left. It doesn't make going to work more appealing as a concept or more enjoyable as a reality. Particularly as my walking buddy is on holiday for a week and my all time favourite colleague is away for 2 weeks. You can expect more and more whinging about my job for a bit I think! Sorry in advance...
I got an unexpected letter from the Royal Berkshire Hospital today. It said it was rescheduling my next check up from Sept 3rd to September 17th - at my request. Here's the thing - I did NOT request that.  At all,  ever. My theory is one or more of the consultants decided to take a week off and I got bumped. I'm not particularly impressed, but it doesn't make a massive difference in real terms - it's just all of a piece with the many examples I've banged on about on here of how inconsiderate the whole organisation is towards its patients. I would be very happy to be discharged and never have to go back there again...
Some good news, my arm didn't fall off / bleed excessively or hurt in any way once the local anaesthetic wore off,  so that's good to know.

ETA :a definite victory!  No Friday evening treat / consolation / comfort booze for me!  I can't say I wasn't tempted, but it was a mild and easily resisted urge :-)
Food today:
Breakfast: scrambled eggs with gf soda bread
Lunch: Chicken thigh with broccoli
Dinner: belly pork slices with green beans
Snacks: cheese, sugar free jelly

Thursday, 27 August 2015

You know you're struggling when lunchtime is 10:41 AM....

I don't know for sure if it was boredom or hunger that forced me to eat so early but I strongly suspect it was genuinely hunger because otherwise I would have just carried on eating all the food, which in my case (even avoiding junk food) would have decimated the net of mixed babybels I brought in for snackage. I was just really hungry all morning (and angry at the weather) and couldn't find the strength to wait it out. I drink gallons of fluids all day when in the office so it wasn't thirst - especially as I added a mug of beef oxo without feeling any better. Ah well, I actually consider it a victory when all I do is eat scheduled foods at unscheduled times.
Midmorning today I saw sunshine and was almost excited to walk at lunchtime even though I was walking alone. I left the office and I thought I felt a raindrop hit my head but told myself I was imagining it because the forecast said no rain between 8am and 6pm. The forecast lied. By the time I'd crossed the first road it was definitely raining and since I had believed the forecast enough to leave both rain coat and umbrella behind, I ended up turning around and heading back in to the office. The Met Office lied to me and I want my money back!  (what money? No idea...)
I was heading out to buy some more rooibos tea bags because I'd actually run out. I have some at home and forgot to pack them for work on 3 consecutive days. Hold on a minute...  Right, they're now packed. Finally. I also wanted to walk so I could earn some extra calories in case I got hungry again mid afternoon. Since I didn't, I had to power through. On the plus side, I powered through with only one excess babybel cheese.
I went to the doctors again this evening and got a Nexplanon implant inserted in my arm. Here's hoping it sorts out some of the issues I've been having around TTOM... of course it also could make that worse, in which case it's coming back out, but I prefer to believe it will work like a charm protecting me for the next 3 years.

Food today:
Breakfast: scrambled eggs with homemade sausage
Lunch: flourless cream cheese pancakes (savoury) with philadelphia cream cheese
Dinner: Rump steak with garlic green beans
Snacks: cheese

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Did I pass out and sleep till November?

In the middle of the night I had to drag a duvet out of the cupboard instead of just sleeping under the empty cover. I only did that twice throughout the winter - and unless I'm mistaken, it's still August - right?
I was depressed about that before I even got out of bed, so when it got light enough to see how wet and windy it was I wasn't even surprised...  I'm not entirely sure how I stopped myself getting back into bed for the day though, and sell day in the office I was wishing I had. Working in bed under that duvet would have been cozy at least, no more boring and not much more lonely as people on holiday / sick / working from home mean I'm sitting pretty much on my own at the moment. It probably isn't personal... right? Probably...

I did go for a walk at lunchtime despite the early hideousness. After yesterday I took some precautions - I wore a skirt and nylons instead of jeans so that if I got drenched I could just remove the nylons and dry off. It would have been much more comfortable all afternoon - except today turned out the opposite of yesterday and the weather actually cleared by lunchtime. Literally it was still pouring at 11:40 and 10 minutes later it was almost stopped. By the time I was ready to head out just after 12 it had stopped altogether and we weren't rained on at all. So I was able to enjoy walking with 2 of my favourite colleagues (one of whom is leaving the company on Friday :-( )
I'm pissed off (excuse my French) with the train strike this weekend. I was planning to use the trains to visit my mother and brother over the long weekend; now I'll probably end up cramming a visit in the following weekend and have to cut it short so I can do all the tedious back to work tomorrow crap like make lunches and do laundry. Selfish bastards.

Food today:
Breakfast: scrambled eggs with pate, a cherry tomato and a little onion
Lunch: egg, avocado and bacon mayo
Dinner: Pork chop with mushrooms cooked with soft cheese
Snacks: Pork scratchings

Tuesday, 25 August 2015

What revolting weather...

I hoped the forecast (of heavy rain most of the day) was wrong because very first thing it was a beautiful if chilly morning. Wrong!  Almost dead on 12 - exactly as I was walking towards the door to go for a walk - it started raining 'a bit'. I was going with my walking buddy and we had the obligatory discussion about whether we wanted to risk it, before deciding to give it a shot. At my usual turning back point (Co op) it was still just drizzling so I carried on. Which is of course when it started getting harder and harder. I looked like I'd swum to Sainsburys by the time I got back - and although I'd been wearing a waterproof jacket, my jeaned legs were not covered, so I spent the afternoon with the denim clinging revoltingly to my thighs. I tried hard to blame my walking buddy but it was self inflicted really, I can't deny it... I was glad about going out anyway, apart from whenever I felt how cold and clammy my legs were.
On other fronts things are still going quite well  - I had a definite urge to lunge at the peanut butter jar this evening and didn't give in to it. Someone brought sweets in to the office and I wasn't even interested /tempted - so no resistance needed. I've been reading up more on keto diets (also so-called zero carb diets) and I'm considering whether to go that hard core in an attempt to really destroy my sweet cravings. Haven't decided yet, more reading needed - and a lot more planning if I decide to try it out for a few months.

Food today:
Breakfast: scrambled eggs with mushrooms and leek
Lunch: broccoli soup
Dinner: chicken salad
Snacks: cheese,  Pork scratchings

Monday, 24 August 2015

Sorry I'm so dull...

My life is feeling exceptionally tedious at the moment, hence no Friday post and nearly no Monday post. But I do feel like something is missing if I don't post, do I guess I'll just have to apologise in advance for being so boring.
Friday I worked from home with an upset tummy and yet still managed to walk about 7 miles - endlessly repeated circuits around my house so I didn't have too far to travel back if needed. It settled down by lunchtime but I wasn't trusting it until evening. I have to confess I had some vodka that evening as I'd been feeling sorry for myself.
Saturday I went for a 10 mile walk (nearly) to make the most of the weather before it went to crap. Yesterday I hardly left the house because it was either pouring with rain or threatening to. all day. I spent most of the time lying on the bed reading - I'm reading obsessively at the moment anyway.
The only inspiring thing I did at the weekend was try out a recipe for gluten free soda bread using coconut flour that turned out so well I made it again Sunday, adapted by replacing the coconut flour with twice the volume of almond flour. It might be the best gluten free bread recipe I've tried, particularly as it's also incredibly simple.

Today I worked from home again so I could go to the doctor this afternoon. It was raining pretty constantly all morning but I had to go out for some dishwasher tablets (see what I mean about my exciting life?) so I walked to Tesco and much as I wouldn't have chosen to go out in the rain if I hadn't needed anything, I was glad I did. Between that,  popping to the surgery, and walking around the house I actually managed to get 10147 steps - not particularly impressive but I do feel happier if I at least manage 10000 steps.
I've been using the techniques in Brain vs Binge this weekend.  I have got into the habit of drinking at the weekend and don't want to. Also if I have a drink on Friday I generally do at least on Saturday and often Sunday too. It didn't actually occur to me how habitual that was getting until Saturday, which is why I still drank Friday night, but that was all I had - and I successfully resisted that habitual urge. I didn't really feel less relaxed either, as walking and reading are far more effective means of relaxing. And in case you were wondering if I didn't post Friday due to a binge - I haven't done that either. So far so good....

Food today:
Breakfast: soft boiled eggs with gf soda bread soldiers
Lunch: broccoli soup with a chicken drumstick
Dinner: chicken thigh with green beans and keto Alfredo Sauce
Snacks: cheese and gammon nibbles

Thursday, 20 August 2015

One thing after another

After a fairly dull morning waiting for a new release (and raising a bug that fixed itself seconds after I told everyone about it) I went for a walk while the new release was being deployed. Then came back from the walk, and started feeling really crappy - run down, heavy (in the gravitational sense), thick headed, headachy, nauseated and generally naff.
This didn't stop me instantly discovering a supercritical bug in the new release, but did lead to me spending some considerable time hiding in the bathroom so no-one could talk to me or see me looking grey in the face (I probably wasn't really, but that's how I felt)
Still not feeling great after work, I carefully drove home with cold air blasting me in the face, got undressed and lay around in front of the TV all evening.

Food today:
Breakfast: Scrambled eggs with a tiny beef 'sizzle steak' and a quarter of an avocado
Lunch: chili lime chicken drumstick with salad
Dinner: a chunk of smoked sausage to see if eating would settle my stomach - not so much.
Snacks: cheese

Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Moving on

Well, after feeling bloated most of yesterday I don't feel bad today - and do feel remotivated (is that a word? It is now) so no off plan foods at all today. (by which I mean not that I ate perfectly, just that I didn't eat anything that doesn't belong on a low carb diet plan)

The book I'm reading about bingeing is called Brain over Binge by Kathryn Hansen and it is very interesting. Unlike most self help books she doesn't believe that the behaviour you want to change needs loads of introspective over-analysis of its root cause. (which is good for me because I don't believe my tendency to overeat or binge is caused by a traumatic event when I was 3) She thinks the urge to binge is actually born from dieting and starts off as the brain's survival instincts encouraging overeating as a response to apparent famine, which I can definitely relate to - I never binged until sometime into my last successful attempt at weight loss through calorie counting when I was trying to get to a weight lower than I now think was really good for me (my face definitely looked gaunt and, as a result, older). She offers a very simple approach which I won't go in to since I don't want to be sued for copyright infringement / plagiarism / just being plain inconsiderate given that she put a lot of time and work into writing the book, but suffice it to say I'll be trying to follow her suggestions to see if I respond well to them. Fingers crossed!

I tried to go for a walk at lunchtime but the weather was against me - it started raining right on cue and I ended up cutting it very short. It was especially disappointing as I was really feeling the need to get away from my desk. I did pop to the nearest convenience store but that's less than half a mile round trip. I am still going upstairs to the bathroom at work instead of going to the closest one on my own floor but that's the only exercise I got today as it was pouring again by the time I left work.
I guess that's a British summer for you...

Food today:
Breakfast: Scrambled eggs with mushrooms and leek
Lunch: smoked sausage and cheese with salad
Dinner: Shirataki Alfredo
Snacks: Sugar free jelly 'fat bombs', almonds

Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Binge Tuesday

I did.
I'm trying to get my mindset to the much healthier attitude of 'that happened, now pick yourself up and get back to normal' but there's still a hefty dose of self blame at the moment - not just because I binged, but because I couldn't even keep it low carb /keto - it was crisps and chocolate time. Not that it's an excuse but I think it might be TTOM again (apparently keto can disrupt these times, making them come more (or less) often or altering intensity and /or duration until your body adjusts and I'm pretty sure I was in keto before this morning.  (Really not now though. Really really not). I could be wrong but I definitely have that pms feeling) (Could I use any more brackets?)

Also I hurt my back moving stuff at the weekend (at least this time I know the cause - I felt it happen) so I'm down about that too.

And I'm sick of waking up in the dark - give back my light mornings!

Moan moan moan... Basically nothing that couldn't be fixed by spending the next week or two in bed with my jaw wired shut and an IV filled with a keto liquid food mix. In a medically induced coma. No, not in bed, tied to a treadmill (switched on obviously) and not in a coma, but everything else as above.

Actually I tracked all my excess on myfitnesspal today - usually if I binge I track the 'good stuff' and then don't add the crap as if not seeing it means it didn't happen. The interesting thing is that, because it replaced lunch (due to being bloated and stuffed) rather than being added to it, although I'm over on carbs and protein (and calories if you don't count my walking) I'm under on fat and even the carbs aren't as bad as I expected (assuming mfp has the nutritional information correct). I had 82g of carbs today and the average person in the UK/US is nowhere near that low on any standard diet. Luckily this doesn't make me feel like I can 'get away with it' but does make me feel that it's really worth getting back to the diet asap as there will be an immediate rebound in weight due to carbs and glycogen but that's truly not enough to immediately pile on the pounds again. I guess the advice to track what you eat has some value, who'd have thought...

Oh yes, and a further positive to dig out of the ashes, someone brought cakes and doughnuts in today. I was OF COURSE tempted on the grounds that I'd already kicked myself out of keto, so why not, but I resisted by reminding myself that the carbs for the day weren't yet totally ridiculous and that I'd stayed gluten free so far and didn't want to go there.... Even so, sometimes I make things so unnecessarily hard for myself...

I did walk at lunchtime and after work I took a bath to soothe my back. I then tried to book an appointment with the physiotherapist so I could ask for exercises to strengthen the hell out of my back. But when I selected a venue from the list they offered me all I got was 'no appointments currently available' and 'wait for appointment: Unknown.' Superb. Apparently they should contact me by September 1st to sort something out. The website actually said "if you haven't heard by the 1st please call us" - who else thinks I'll be ringing them on the 2nd of September - assuming that I can get through?
And then coloured a bit. I'm also reading a new book about stopping bingeing - more about that tomorrow since I've burbled on endlessly today all ready

Food today:
Breakfast: Scrambled eggs with mushrooms and leek
Lunch: Chocolate and crisps
Dinner: chili lime chicken (from 1001 low carb recipes by Dana Carpender)
Snacks: Sugar free jelly 'fat bombs'

Monday, 17 August 2015

When will I learn?

Not much to say about today without sounding grumpy. I really didn't want to go to work today and even working from home didn't appeal. So I went in and resented so doing for most of the day. I did enjoy a lunchtime walk with my walking buddy (although another colleague - the world's angriest tester, invited himself along and brought some negativity with him)  and a stimulating chat about horror movies / TV shows and books in the kitchen in the afternoon. The rest of the day felt (emotionally not literally) like I had on shoes that were half a size too small. I was thrilled to get out of there at 4.
I didn't walk after work as I had some kitcheny things to do. I should have made time - either for a walk or for a pampering bath - but I've had little energy today so I took the easy way out.
I also then grazed through the evening. I ate nothing that is not permitted on a low carb / keto diet, but I ate too much of it. As always emotional eating /comfort eating not intuitive eating.

Food today:
Breakfast: Alison's Bread, toasted in a frying pan, topped with 2 scrambled eggs
Lunch: Cheese and smoked sausage with salad
Dinner: homemade mushroom & onion soup
Snacks: cheese, sugar free jelly made up with cream cheese and double cream - 'fat bombs' which are too damned easy to eat.

Mondays suck

I woke up this morning and desperately didn't want to go to work. So much retirement envy today!!!

Friday, 14 August 2015

Friday! Friday Friday Friday!!!!

Today I'm no longer constipated thanks to the wonder of Epsom salts.  Usually it acts quite gently but this time - probably because it took 2 doses - not so much. In fact it stopped me trying to run this morning (as running is supposed to produce an effect of its own in this area) Instead I just walked - in relatively small circles around our bathroom my house. (In the rain. But after seeing photos of the damage caused by yesterday's storms I'm not complaining, it was a light persistent drizzle, nothing more, that only bothers me because I wear glasses.) and then worked from home. And today was someone's birthday and someone else's last day - so I avoided all the temptation of cakes, doughnuts and biscuits by just not being in the same building! I'm feeling much stronger today so it probably wouldn't have bothered me too much, but I didn't have to find out, which was great.
During the afternoon the rain eased off, only to return much harder about 5 minutes before I finished work. So instead of a walk I had a bath with a glass of wine or maybe 2... Both the wine and the bath were very relaxing though I don't plan to make a habit of the wine...  I'm ok with the baths obviously.

Food today:
Breakfast: Alison's Bread, toasted in a frying pan, and topped with 2 scrambled eggs - delicious and really filling
Lunch: Chicken thighs with salad
Dinner: Madhur Jaffrey's chicken tikka kebabs with salad
Snacks: nuts & cheese

Thursday, 13 August 2015


Nothing much to say about today. Still constipated. The weather was dreary and wet all day; I attempted to walk at lunchtime but gave up and returned to the office. The only 'exercise' I got all day was going up 1 floor in the office whenever I wanted to use the bathroom so that I would have to climb the stairs. And a few squats during my lunch break.  Still, as much as I always resent having to stay trapped indoors at least we didn't have any flash floods as they did on the coast I believe.
After work I chose the comfort of a nice bath instead of going out - that one was all on me, as it had stopped raining, at least for a while. I enjoyed the bath though and it was relaxing, which was good after a frustrating day.
Food today:
Breakfast: Alison's Bread, toasted in a frying pan, and topped with 2 poached eggs - having a 'bread' to soak up the yolks was marvellous, and actually the high point of the entire day. I kid you not.
Lunch: Chicken thighs with salad
Dinner: 'keto comfort food' - chocolate whey protein powder mixed with double cream, a tiny bit of peanut butter and a few defrosted red- and blackcurrants from the bottom of a pack of frozen summer berries. It was actually a little bit too sweet - though I still ate it - which is a bit of a miracle because I usually find the redcurrants &  blackcurrants very tart, and the whey hasn't historically seemed all that sweet either. Even the pb was unsweetened. Maybe a sign my tastes are changing?
Snacks: cheese

Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Keep on running...

I'm constipated. So even though I'm tracking my food like a good girl my weight is currently going up and even though I know why I hate hate hate it
:-(. It's possible I mentioned this earlier. In passing.
Today I discovered was shown a way to kill cravings. Apparently all I need is to read the words Vampire spit and suddenly I'm not hungry anymore :-) No one brought cake in the end (although someone is leaving this week so that won't last) but I don't think I would have wanted it anyway. Phew.

My colouring plans yesterday were both successful and unsuccessful. On the one hand I hoped that the pens would be a bit more like colouring in as a child - bright clashing primary colours with no subtlety and lots of fun. And it was. On the other hand I failed to check up front on the colour bleeding side of things, and despite having bought a book I thought was supposed to have thicker pages I discovered that the colour bleeds right through - so if I want to use the pens I just halved the number of pages I can colour on properly. Sigh. Ah well, it's producing some quite interesting effects on a repeating pattern on the back of the page I'm using at the moment.
This morning I went out before work to do some walk - run intervals. I was out for a whopping 15 minutes, alternating between walking and running, using the timer function on my phone's clock set to a 1 min countdown. I did walk about 2 minutes to warm up first. I think 15 minutes is doable - so I'm going to aim to do that at least 3 times a week, building up until I can run without stopping to walk for the 15 minutes, then I might increase speed before increasing time. Except knowing me there's a good chance I'll get bored and stop. Still, I have something to work towards anyway.
I also walked at lunchtime and after work, and now I'm shattered though I'm not sure if that is cause and effect or just a coincidence.

Food today:
Breakfast: scrambled eggs with mushrooms, onion and green pepper
Lunch: Gammon with salad and a Greek yogurt
Dinner: fat fast Shirataki mac 'n' cheese
Snacks: cheese, cashews

Please please please

Please nobody bring in cakes today - I don't think I can resist if they do. I'm constipated, heavy and fed up.
NO CAKES TODAY. If it's your birthday, tough - reschedule it. Just don't bring in cakes today

Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Dull dull dull

Dull....  The weather, life, work, egg mayo... Misery guts is currently my middle name. I'm having cravings for all kinds of rubbish and trying to fight them by dwelling on them. It's not noticeably helping. In addition after planning egg mayo for lunch and packing it up ready I've realised I'm sick of hardboiled eggs (never exactly a favourite of mine anyway). Not all eggs - just hardboiled. So I ended up buying a small (170g) tub of Total Greek yogurt for my lunch. Right now I never want another hardboiled egg...  Unfortunately that means wasting the egg mayo I'd planned to have for lunch as there is no way I'm relying on my opinion changing before they go off. Gack. At least I switched it for a Greek yogurt not a chocolate bar sandwich (I've never had a chocolate bar sandwich. But given my current cravings for white bread and junk food it sounds less disgusting to me right now than it should. Actually, now I think about it, no it doesn't - it sounds exactly as disgusting as it should. Urk)
I went for a walk at lunchtime and bought some pens for my colouring book. Originally I bought pencils but they already need sharpening so I decided to try the pens as well / instead. And looking at the pens distracted me from thoughts of food.
This morning I was planning to go out for a run / walk before breakfast but didn't have the energy. I think lingering tiredness and dehydration after-effects from my very active (and hot and humid) weekend are sapping my energy a bit. In case that's not the reason I also decided to slightly increase my carb levels - from < 20g a day to ~ 50g a day. Hopefully it won't cause a sudden weight bounce and drive me to go dashing straight back to ketogenic levels. Because yes, if it seems to make me heavier yet healthier I'll still reject it  in favour of thinner. Since dinner my stomach has been gurgling like nothing I've ever heard (without gluten being involved) so I guess the extra carbs stirred things up a bit.
After work rain stopped walking but that probably wasn't a bad thing given that I had to prepare an alternative lunch for tomorrow - just a salad and homemade dressing but still, that was on top of cooking M a gluten-packed Chinese Curry and myself a gluten free stir fry. Now I'm getting ready for an early night (and playing with my new pens)

Food today:
Breakfast: scrambled eggs with mushrooms, onion and green pepper
Lunch: Greek yogurt and a babybel
Dinner: stir fry of chicken thigh, cabbage and peppers
Snacks: small portion of pork scratchings

Monday, 10 August 2015

Weekends are better than Mondays

See if you can guess how much I did not want to go back to the real world today after my great weekend... Yesterday we walked a total of 17 miles - very possibly the farthest I've ever walked in one day, and definitely the most in a weekend - 29.4 miles!  And because we were chatting we didn't remotely realise it and certainly didn't suffer - apart from a bit of dehydration and possible heat rash in my case. We walked through mostly natural settings yesterday - woods and fields with a long stretch beside the Blackwater River. It was fab. My food yesterday was good too - all homemade and controlled by me. It's the first time in ages I've managed to stay completely gluten free when we have visitors. I did drink whisky yesterday but other than that I was relatively happy. My weight did rebound a bit but I figure that's water retention so avoid dying of the heat while not quite drinking enough on the walks.
Today was, relatively speaking, a rest day - I didn't quite make my 10000 steps for the day. (9666) I had a frustrating day that started with me being unable to even log onto the system I'm testing until 1 pm. I was really tired having combined all that weekend walking with 3 poor night's sleep and it was genuinely difficult to stay awake. I had no energy to walk before work and though I did go out at lunchtime and after work both walks were a little unenthusiastic and lack lustre really.
Today I watched a really good documentary I recorded a couple of weeks ago

 - I don't know if anyone else saw it - about the history of the Women's Institute. It was fascinating to hear about its radical activism combined with jam making and cake baking!
I have a small confession...  I'm starting to crave toast a bit. I'm not giving in as it's really not worth the stomach effects but it's a little bit of a struggle so please send me some positive thoughts and supportive vibes!  Thanks!

Food today:
Breakfast: scrambled eggs with mushrooms, tomato, leek and green pepper
Lunch: pork rinds dipped in sour cream
Dinner: egg drop soup
Snacks: smoked sausage, cheese

Sunday, 9 August 2015

Saturday in Guildford

Yesterday my brother, S, and I went to Guildford for the day. Neither of us had been further than the train station before but on impulse I looked it up on wikipedia and thought it looked really good. It was lovely! I took 50 photos so I'll gracefully except your thanks for not putting ALL of them on here, and we walked 12 miles in total, and we both loved it. The town centre was beautiful, the Castle was interesting and well maintained (and cheap) and there was a nice coffee shop for refreshment. We walked all around the town, checking out every cute little side street and alley way. Then we went to the castle and wandered around the grounds envying a group of women doing yoga in the sunshine on manicured grass surrounded by flowers (the envy mist have just been me). We paid £3 to go into the castle keep itself, which was quite small but still interesting, and climbed up to the roof (lots of stairs - a shock to my bungalow-living legs) to see a view of practically the whole of Surrey.
After that we went down to the riverside and walked for a few miles alongs the banks before heading back. It was a lovely day, and the only downside was that it was really too hot for lots of outdoor walking, particularly as a lot of it was in full sun. As always we didn't drink enough.

Lunch was tasty but not exciting - we just went to All Bar One. I had half a chargrilled chicken with peri peri sauce, wasabi slaw, and a side salad instead of chips. Sadly the salad inclouded cous cous, which was not clear from the menu, so I just picked out the cucumber, tomatoes and leaves. 
I do have to confess that halfway along the river bank we both bought ice cream to cool down with. The man only had cones, no cups, but I didn't eat the cone so obviously it was both gluten free and low carb ;-)
When we got home we took it in turns to jump in the shower. Then we had a takeaway - Indian - and I ate another large quantity of meat. It definitely qualified as a cheat day, but with all the walking I think the extra carbs were semi-justified and wholly delicious.

Food Saturday:

Breakfast: scrambled eggs with veg
Lunch: Peri peri chicken with salad
Dinner: lamb shashlik kebab with cucumber raita and a little salad (the silly little salads they put in with tandoori meals that no one usually eats)
Snacks: Toffee & Honeycomb ice-cream

Friday, 7 August 2015

Friday lovely Friday

I worked from home today so in the breaks I could do some housework to prepare for my brother visiting. I was bored rigid most of the day (not enough work to keep me busy, housework isn't interesting, and no one to talk to. However at lunchtime I was not bored at all. I started with a 10 minutes session on the climber (I wanted to start small to see how my back felt - so far so good) and then went out for a walk. As I was already dressed in sports clothes for the climber, while I was out I actually jogged a very little bit - only 4 minutes in 4 jogging breaks with 27 minutes of walking - but it felt ok, like something I might do again (this weekend I expect to do nothing but walk, and that's good as it will give me a chance to make sure my back is OK with the climber) The main thing that generally stops me running is pretty ridiculous - I'm way too 'gifted' up top to run without a sports bra but because I know I won't last long it seems pointless stripping right down to the skin for a couple of minutes running when I can walk several miles in the jeans etc I'm already wearing. I'm going to try to brainwash myself into thinking it is worth it though - because as much as I love walking, if I can manage to enjoy running I will still get the fresh air outdoors that I crave, but without having to commit quite so much time. Of course if it hurts my back or any of my joints, or if after giving it a decent shot I don't like it, you will never hear another word on this blog about running again. I do still have an unfinished bucket list item of wanting to run in a 5K fun run though, and it won't get easier with time...
I've been a little naughty with some food this week - too much cream, to be exact. I love that technically there's nothing wrong with double cream on this diet, but I don't think any diet works with too much excess whatever it is you're over indulging in. So when my current container is empty I'm going to try not to buy more too soon. :-(
I went out for another walk after work but it had to be shorter because my brother was due and so I didn't get my 10000 steps in today. Still managed 4.7 miles though so not too far off.

Food today:
Breakfast: scrambled eggs and bacon
Lunch: jelly and cream (should have been scrambled eggs but I wasn't hungry enough - too many macadamia nuts)
Dinner: pulled pork with radish, onion and green pepper 'hash'
Snacks: macadamia nuts

Thursday, 6 August 2015

More and more and more of the same...

Back in the office today and time was really dragging all morning. I'm formulating a plan to fit either training or walking into the early morning from Monday - regardless of staying home or going in to the office - and hoping that will perk me up a bit, as training before breakfast generally does when on holiday.
I did go for a walk at lunchtime, which was nice as always, and again after work, ditto, but in between I felt apathetic, bored and a little bit down - not full blown depression, just dissatisfied with life. It was probably mostly boredom as the system I was supposed to be testing was too broken to be worth testing until after lunch. I spent too much time reading back through archives on some of my favourite new blog discoveries in between being asked to 'try it again' and digging through databases looking for solutions.
In the meantime someone brought in cakes for a birthday - the third time that I know if this week (and I've only been in the office 3 days this week). Normally I try to ignore them altogether to avoid even being tempted, but sheer boredom drove me to walk past and take a look. Most of it was utterly untempting actually, shop bought tray bakes and other equally commercial mediocrity. But there was one exception, a totally mass produced but rarely brought into the office achilles heel exception - Jaffa Cakes. I don't know why I love them, but I love them. I love them too much even to try gluten free ones as I deep down know they couldn't be as good as the real thing. I didn't eat a single Jaffa cake, but now I'm thinking about it...  I'm trying to test the 'imagine eating it 30 times' approach from Trust Me I'm a Doctor but my appetite for them seems to be growing rather than shrinking. Right now 30 jaffa cakes sounds AMAZING.
I took a short walk after work (my drive home took longer than it should because of roadworks and the obligatory traffic jams produced,so that was all I had time for. ) I basically got my 10000 steps in with a very few extra.

Food today:
Breakfast: scrambled eggs with mushrooms, tomato, leek and bacon
Lunch: egg mayo
Dinner: crispy chicken livers with salad
Snacks: Pepperoni chips with whipped philadelphia cream cheese

Wednesday, 5 August 2015


Now that I've cooled down from the credit card debacle I will admit I'd rather they asked questions than waited for masses of dodgy transactions to appear then made you fight them. However I'm still not impressed that I had to call twice to get the block lifted.
Anyway, back to normal today - no sleep last night making 6 consecutive sub par nights - I'm a little cranky today.
However I am trying something knew that's supposed to help with stress /depression, I'm a little embarrassed to admit it but I read about it on Mark's Daily Apple - Colouring for Grown Ups. Supposed it can induce a semi-meditative effect by occupying your hands, eyes, and a bit (not too much and not too stimulating) of the brain. Plus -pretty pictures and colours. I ordered a book from Amazon and started last night - it does seem to calm down the whizzing brain a bit. Similar to knitting or doing a jigsaw I think. I used to do jigsaws but don't currently have space to lay out the big ones, and my knitting... sucks. My colouring probably does too but leaves less evidence of suckage.
I worked from home today and managed to walk almost 4 miles before starting. For once I was hoping for that chilly wind I keep moaning about - to blow the cobwebs away - but it was fairly still and calm so didn't really wake me up as much as I'd hoped. Still a very pleasant start to the day though.
After saying yesterday that I'd stopped dropping weight at a visible daily rate I was down almost a lb this morning - nice!  It was actually a number I haven't seen for a while (in the right direction). I love VLC / keto!
I walked at lunchtime and then tried again after work but the weather thought not - it literally started raining as soon as I decided to head out. It didn't seem too heavy so I still walked a but, but it was just too hard to be fun and came with a drop in temperature, so it just wasn't fun. Still, I managed over 8 miles between the 3 walks so I'm not complaining.
Anyway, time to go colour something...

Food today:
Breakfast: scrambled eggs and bacon
Lunch: Chicken and salad
Dinner: egg drop soup
Snacks: cheese

Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Can't think of a title

Well, after I posted yesterday things got moderately exciting when I tried to place a Tesco order (no, that's not the exciting bit - I'm not that sad) and my credit card was declined. So I rang the credit card company and they asked me if I recognised a transaction on Saturday, which I didn't. Luckily M did, and I was assured that the account would be unlocked within an hour. So I happily went off to bed and eventually to sleep, then got up this morning to finish placing my order with Tesco - and it was declined again. Arrgh! My second phone call got the card unlocked for real, and luckily it was an 0800 number so I wasn't charged for all the time spent on hold while people read through my notes and took me through security and all the rest of it. Turns out they texted me on Saturday to check the transaction - I didn't get the text because my phone was acting up, so they went ahead and suspended my card. This morning I restarted the phone and like magic it started receiving texts again. There's a reason they always start by asking you if you've 'switched it off and on again' when your PC isn't working...
I think today discovered what I missed Friday night. However after working on a massive ulcer all weekend I'm now immune - it seems the inevitable consequence of making people work a full day then start again a couple of hours later.
Weightwise I've run out of water weight to lose and am not losing noticeably every day but I'll tighten things up now I'm not living in a state of terror anymore and then it will pick up again...

Food today:
Breakfast: vanilla egg fast pancakes with cream and a side of bacon
Lunch: Chicken and salad
Dinner: turkey 'Bolognese' with zoodles
Snacks: cheese

Monday, 3 August 2015

Deployment done.

Not a terrible weekend ignoring the leftover stress from the deployment Friday night. I woke up ridiculously early on Saturday considering that I worked until nearly 10 and it took a couple of hours to get to sleep, and just got up rather than lying there stressing more. After breakfast I walked 10 miles, then lay down for just a minute and fell asleep, then watched Hercules 3D (which was a perfect level of undemanding violence for my barely functioning brain) and eventually had an early night. Sunday I also woke up earlier than I wanted to and went for a morning walk - slightly shorter, I only managed 9 miles. After that it was all laundry and cooking with the TV on. Food was slightly mixed in that I ate only acceptable foods, but I did slightly overdo them. I also didn't drink enough liquids (non alcoholic) - this seems to be a weekend trend, I think it comes out of not wanting to be caught short when out for a long walk, but it needs working on.
This morning I woke up dreading work. I'm not sure why this deployment had me in such a tizzy - ironically it seems to have gone quite smoothly in the end - but my blood pressure was definitely up and on Saturday I resorted to the calming powers of whisky to bring me down from the anxiety I was wallowing in.
Anyway, I went into the office and everything was very quiet with no reported issues. In fact I slammed directly from dread to boredom. Never satisfied!
I went for a walk at lunchtime and talked my walking buddy's ear off, which helped quite a bit. I didn't manage another walk after work - my own fault, but I'm struggling with time management at the moment and basically seen never to have any. Time, that is. Or management come to think of it. Something else I need to work on...

Food today:
Breakfast: eggs scrambled with a little bacon
Lunch: egg mayo and half an avocado
Dinner: smoked sausage, cheese and salad platter
Snacks: cheese and cream (not together)