Friday, 24 July 2015

Singing in the rain? Nope

What an unbelievably dreary day - wall to wall drizzle from about 7 am. I managed a pre-work walk - I thought it was worth the effort as it hadn't started raining at that point but the forecast was clear about how unappealing it would be later, and I worked from home so no 20 mile drive to work to fit in - and went back to the woods I shared with you yesterday. I didn't take any photos though as it was pretty gloomy, especially under the trees.
At lunchtime I tried something I've been meaning to try out as a rainy day alternative for a while - one of Lesley Sansone's Walk Away The Pounds workouts. I can't pretend it was as good as walking somewhere green and filled with birdsong (OK, and the sound of cars on a nearby A road) but it wasn't too hard on my back or neck and fitted neatly into my lunch break with enough left over to make lunch. However, since then I've had lower back pain - maybe I was favouring the places that previously hurt? And therefore walking funny? Or maybe I'm falling apart and should be put down... Despite the pain in my back I popped to the shop after work and when I got back I realised I'd done about 9600 steps - so, feeling rather daft, I marched on the spot again to get 10050 steps (5 miles) on the pedometer.

Another 1.8 lbs of water retention down this morning...

Food today:
Breakfast: eggs scrambled with bacon and tomato
Lunch: pate omelette
Dinner: fat fast Shirataki mac n cheese 
Snacks: cheese, Pork scratchings


  1. The weather was dreadful yesterday, wasn't it? I'm glad you got a walk anyway.
    J x

  2. I've done the Leslie Sansome videos a few times - not anywhere near as enjoyable as a walk outside, but at least it gets me moving when the weather doesn't cooperate.