Monday, 13 July 2015


Over the weekend I didn't binge. I walked 10 miles Saturday and only 3 on Sunday because the weather was miserable. I ate some things I shouldn't and drank some booze but didn't reach the point of self loathing.
Today however I operate more - still not really a binge - and only walked 10,000 steps even though I went out before work, lunchtime, and after work. My moods were also variable. On Friday when I felt I was at a low point I may have had a very short cry know the ladies and that didn't happen at the weekend or today, but I was snappy and irritable and just a total joy to be around. I was also knackered - and still am after 2 terrible nights and one merely average one.
Today I'm not exactly suicidal but I do feel very flat and unenthusiastic and just pretty much uninterested in life. And fat, primarily and totally fat.


  1. Felling fat is not the same as being fat. I lost 4 stone but felt no different in myself I still felt fat even though people said I was not. I think it may be a body image thing I was always the tallest in my class so I got used to feeling huge. I was the cart horse among ponies. Are you really fat or do you just feel that way? I'm sure we could all do with loosing a few pounds. This is probably no help but it is meant kindly