Wednesday, 1 July 2015


22 degrees at 6:20 AM??? Good god. Actually it was lovely outside this morning - after I drove to work I sat in the sun instead of staying in the car and it was lovely. The problem was indoors, where yesterday's heat was still trapped and I felt in need of a shower as soon as I got out of the shower...
At lunchtime I persisted in going out for a walk despite the heat. I thought I'd come prepared by bringing a second t-shirt and a pair of shorts to change into - however I should have also brought a second bra and some Deodorant possibly. I did have a wash when I came back and changed. I walked about 3.5 miles along the Kennet and Avon canal and most of the way it was overcast though hot and humid; about a mile from the end the sun came out and it got even hotter. As always my back felt so much better while I walked that I really didn't want to stop even though I was walking alone. By the time I did go back my hair was wet too. According to the BBC the temperature hit 35 degrees as I left work. Sorry, that really is just uncivilised...  My car had to work its ass off to cool down the interior - and the steering wheel - to tolerable levels. Then when I got home - planning not to move outside the front door again today - I realised I needed to pop out to the shop down the road. I felt like I was swimming down the road it was so humid and heavy. I don't want rain tomorrow as I have to go to the hospital for my check up (6 miles of walking all told) but a bit cooler would be really nice. In fact, more than nice - the hospital is always baking hot so God only knows what it will be like when the weather's hot as well.
I've been feeling really quite down today and I've realised it's because I have been a bit sleep deprived the last couple of nights. I have a fan blowing on me all night which just about manages to slightly alleviate the suffering, but between back pain, heat, and the unaccustomed noise of the fan it's not surprising I don't seem to be sleeping very deeply or enjoying the full sleep cycle. Tonight I'm taking a Nytol because I want to be better rested for my appointment tomorrow (I'm trying not to take too many of them since my mum told me she'd read a story in the paper about it causing memory loss - thanks Mum :-(  ) At least I didn't binge - or even over eat - as I grumpily stomped and shuffled through the day.

Food today:
Breakfast: scrambled eggs with defrosted grilled vegetables mixed in - field mushroom, red onion, yellow pepper and a small amount of courgette.
Lunch: homemade onion soup
Dinner: Pork chop (chilli lime pork strips) with 'hash' of sautéed turnip, shallot, pepper and courgette
Snacks: bratwurst and cucumber slices


  1. It was dreadfully hot, wasn't it? The hottest July day ever, I gather. Good luck with your appointment today - wishing cooler weather for you.
    J x

  2. 35 degrees is about how hot we were in TEXAS yesterday. You shouldn't have such dreadful heat there. Congrats on getting out to walk regardless of the heat.