Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Struggling out from under

My food has gone better today, which is good considering that I'm feeling so fat still. I appreciate what you said about feeling fat not always being fat Diane, but sadly this was brought on by some clothes not fitting the way they used to so my head agrees with you but my depressed knee jerk heart and body are lagging behind a bit...
I managed to walk nearly 3 miles at lunchtime despite the depressing British summer weather and then went back out after work to get at least my 10,000 steps in (walking round in circles if I'm honest - which very neatly reflects how my life feels at the moment.  But I managed 14000+ steps by doing that, almost 7 miles (and 2 massive blisters on the ball of my left foot))
I forgot to mention in yesterday's post that after work I got my hair cut - which briefly made me feel better about myself and spurred me on to try eye brow threading for the first time. I mostly ignore my eye brows, they're naturally shaped quite well if a little thicker than I want, but the one time I tried waxing it produced a nasty redness and bumpiness that I didn't want to repeat, and tweaking them is just as bad, so I just let them do their thing till yesterday. OMG how did that 'treatment' escape the torture chamber and make its way into the salon??? Never again unless I've been bad and feel like punishing myself. Ouch ouch ouch. Although the result isn't bad and my face didn't break out in disgust. Just tears of pain. On both my walks today I left my purse behind - so I couldn't buy any binge foods - as well as my rucksack, and it felt good to just walk without errands even if it was horribly humid. I do think I'm starting to feel decidedly better, and a lot of that is down to the lovely supportive comments I've had, so thank you very, very much...

Food today:
Breakfast: bratwurst sautéed with peppers and sauerkraut
Lunch: curried beef soup
Dinner: Pork & kimchi fried Cauliflower rice
Snacks: whey protein (chocolate) mixed with double cream to give 'cookie dough' or 'cake batter' effect

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  1. I've had my eyebrows threaded ONCE. Holy crackers did that hurt! I'm not much into beauty torture, and would rather deal with my bushy unkempt brows!