Tuesday, 21 July 2015


I wrote most of this yesterday, during the day, while feeling fairly cheerful. Then my mood went splat in the evening, I had a somewhat spectacular crying fit all over the kitchen and a rather confused M, ate a Bounty and some toast for breakfast, drank some booze to cheer myself up, and fell into bed without posting it. I must have slept tied up in a stressed, manic depressive knot as this morning my neck has completely seized up.  Still, I wrote this so I won't 'waste' it...

After all my whinging about my father in law's visit I really enjoyed it. On Friday he and M stayed up really late after I'd gone to bed catching up and I slept badly which wasn't the best start admittedly, but on Saturday while they slept in to make up for that I went for my first of 3 walks. I had my doctor appointment at 10 and she agreed to refer me to a physiotherapist (damn, I forgot to ask how long that was likely to take...) and then I went for a relatively short walk with FiL. After lunch we went back out for a longer one - altogether I walked about 14 miles. On one of our walks I informed him that I hate him for being better than me at weight loss and we had a good talk about it all, which I hope will motivate me over the foreseeable future. Yesterday wasn't as good, I only walked about 6 miles and had to work for a couple of hours in the afternoon.
I did overindulge in both food and booze. Not enough for a hangover, but enough for an upset stomach this morning that combined with the weather to prevent an early morning walk.
At lunchtime I started out and turned back due to a combination of being starving (my lunch was in the office  and I don't shop hungry) and needing the loo rather urgently. It was rather disappointing until I decided to declare today a rest day after a week of lots of walking. So no after work walk either. Except for a quick pop to the shop for my bounty.


  1. A day of rest sounds pretty good to me after quite a lot of emotional stuff. How are things now? Sending love
    J xxx

  2. I'm glad to hear the visit with FiL went well. Hope you're feeling a bit better today!