Thursday, 2 July 2015

Some good news!

Supposedly it's cooler today but it still fits into the too damn hot range on my thermometer.
I worked from home this morning (as you know if you stopped by yesterday) ready for my trip to the hospital this afternoon. And as I was already working from home I took the opportunity to also get our letting agents call out a plumber to deal with an issue in our rental house. Between 9 and 12 I was told - 3 guesses if he showed up? So guess who's going to need to work from home again tomorrow morning? Sigh.
I managed to find a way to work standing up for a couple of hours this morning by balancing my laptop on the back of a chair. It wasn't the perfect height but it was close - and that was the most comfortable I've felt while working for 3 or 4 weeks now. I guess I'll be trying that again tomorrow.
I headed out for the train around 1:30 and roughly the minute I left the house - well, actually, at the point where I no longer had time to go back for my umbrella without missing my train - it started raining. Just a very light shower luckily, and quite refreshing.
I got to the hospital stupidly early as always (I swear they check the train times before booking my appointments to guarantee I always arrive at least 20 minutes early) and then...  Of course...  The waiting began.
Actually although it felt like an age - because of the agonising back pain from the only chairs more uncomfortable than those in my office,  combined with the sunlight hitting my helpless dilated pupils - I only waited an hour past my appointment time on this visit, and as I was told that some of the delay was down to an emergency operation I don't find that as annoying as usual. I had a vision check, drops, a pressure check, a scan... and I'm happy to say that they confirmed what I knew, that the injection is helping!  He showed me a before and after picture of my retina and it was positively striking how the swelling had gone down! And happily without increasing the pressure in the eye either - it was the same as the other eye, and firmly in the normal range.

Food today:
Breakfast: scrambled eggs with pate, red onion and tomato
Lunch:egg mayo with avocado
Dinner: a kebab, no Bread but I confess I had garlic mayo on it and a few chips with it - I was feeling a bit emotional. I think tomorrow I will start another whole 30 by way of a detox
Snacks: pistachio nuts


  1. Hasn't it been hot? Too much for me too and for the children in my class. They're drinking loads of water (good) and keep having to go to the loo (not so good)!!!
    Brilliant news about the eye!
    J x

  2. You have my sympathies on hospital waiting I sat for 13 hours in casualty with my mother in law before they noticed she was trying hard to die. Then they went into meltdown panic and transferred her to another hospital. I'm so glad that your eye seems to be improving even if your back is still a problem.