Wednesday, 29 July 2015

So busy. So tired.

I was Really Really busy at work all day today trying to make up for the time lost yesterday. Which I did, but only just. This deployment promises to be a nightmare - but hopefully a successful one. Hopefully.
I did manage to take my lunchtime walk - to be honest I was wondering if I should take the time, but decided it was better to get away from my desk and laptop for a proper break given that it had been such a stressful and busy morning. Involving the discovery of a last minute really obscure bug (not found by me - but that wasn't my fault) requiring an ad hoc fix that may yet come back to bite us. It usually does when something gets done in a panic. My stress levels were really helped by my realising it was TTOM again... Happily I wasn't driven to binge or drink, or even tempted in fact.
All the chaos in my head today meant I had no time for obsessing over food, diet or weightloss so that was a silver lining. I was down another 10oz this morning btw, which pleased me at the time but absolutely delighted me when I realised about TTOM. Wooo hoo - must have been the Rage diet. Hey, I wonder if the rage was partly pms? Maybe I'm not a closet homicidal maniac after all!

Food today:
Breakfast: strange gelatin shrimp salad that I made last night - designed for a 'fat fast'. The recipe intrigued me as a possible base for taking lunch to work that isn't too smelly. Its texture is not that appealing so when it's gone it's unlikely to reappear in my food diary
Lunch: should have been more of the gelatin salad but I went for Greek yogurt and Brazil nuts instead
Dinner: bacon and eggs
Snacks: macadamia nuts, cheese

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  1. I think rampant hormones have a much greater effect than we give them credit for at the time.
    Wait till you are as old as me - no more ups and downs in that respect, anyway!
    J x