Thursday, 16 July 2015

Protein & fat

 I'm feeling not just fat but bloated as well today, possibly exacerbated by wearing some spanx underwear - my neurotic brain always assumes that if my clothes, even my underclothes, are tight I've gained weight - I suppose there is some logic in that if you ignore the existence of spanx. So I decided to have a one day meat, eggs and cheese day - just one day isn't enough to make me crazy again, and tomorrow My father in law is visiting so I know I won't be tempted to extend beyond one day. He's arriving around 5 pm tomorrow and leaving Sunday morning (travelling from South Wales to Berkshire on a motorcycle is apparently quite uncomfortable unless you allow lots of time, take plenty of breaks, and allow your ass to recover before hitting the road again)  It's possible his impending visit has contributed to my recent depression a little. You see in the past he and I have had a shared interest in weight loss and exercise. He went off the rails before me - but a while back he decided to get things under control again and while I've been yo yoing around within a 5lb range he's lots all his excess weight and is currently lighter than I am.  And he's a man, and taller than me, and older than me. My only glimmer of reassurance is that he is retired so has unlimited time for exercise, and hasn't got a stubbornly dodgy back. I sound horribly envious I know, but I don't feel that I want him to be struggling like me, it's just that it makes me feel inadequate when everyone else is losing and I'm still in weight loss limbo... We only planned this visit last weekend and frankly if I had thought I'd lose enough weight I would have been tempted to just not eat all week. I guess that may help to explain why my motivation has been up and down all week and I haven't dared step on the scales... Happily we've agreed to fit in a walk on Saturday (after my 10am doctor's appointment) and possibly tomorrow evening just to shake out the kinks from his long motorbike ride. I know I can and do walk lots alone but you know I prefer having company  - even skinny bastard company.
Speaking of walking, between a pre-work walk, a lunchtime walk and a post-work stroll I got over 7 miles in today. I have to say though that squeezing in the pre-work walk is starting to feel like a chore so I'm not sure how sustainable that will be long term.

Food today:
Breakfast: scrambled eggs
Lunch: egg mayo with smoked sausage
Dinner: cheese and sausage omelette
Snacks: cheese

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  1. I hope the meat, eggs and cheese day helped a lot. I'm afraid my eating has totally gone to pot but I will get it back again once all the emtotional stuff is over and past!
    J x