Friday, 3 July 2015

Out of order

I worked from home today as planned so my back was slightly happier - I switched between lying on the bed, standing up, and sitting on a laz-e-boy chair with the massage function on, none of which are available at the office, but I ended the day with a completely non functional toilet. Luckily there is a tiny cloakroom. The plumber arrived at 9:30, made 2 trips to a hardware supply store, and stayed 2 hours, yet the loo is now cracked, non flushing and leaking. Sigh. At least since its a rental it's not my cost.
I walked before work, during lunch, and very briefly after work for a total of 6.8 miles. The early walk was very pleasant as it was relatively cool, the others were too warm and sticky really. Apart from that...  eh, there is no apart from that.
Except it's Friday!!!  Yay!!!

Food today:
Breakfast: eggs scrambled with pate, courgette and pepper
Lunch: eggs poached in pork mince, 5 spice powder, veg and bone broth
Dinner: egg curry
Snacks: pistachio nuts

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