Monday, 27 July 2015


What a mixed weekend - Saturday I felt good, walked 10 miles, enjoyed the weather, ate a lot because of walking 10 miles....  I did make the mistake of drinking a pint of milk without checking the carbs, but entering my food and drink into myfitnesspal allowed me to adjust the rest of my intake to compensate. Saturday night some charming people living nearby let off fireworks in the middle of the night resulting in very little sleep for insomniac me.  Bastards. I don't want to live in the middle of nowhere except when I do...
Then yesterday I headed out earlyish hoping to fit in a decent walk before the forecast rain hit - that didn't happen. I tried to keep going but it was just dreary so I went home (swearing at the bloody British summer weather) and collapsed for a few hours. Later the rain eased off briefly and a made a dash for the shop. Between the two walks and a bit of marching on the spot back indoors I managed to get 10000 steps but it wasn't a fun 10000.
I managed not to feel suicidal over the weekend even with the weather yesterday and the accompanying frustration so that feels positive.
Something odd did happen yesterday though, and I'm not sure why. Around early evening I became aware of some stomach discomfort. Not TTOM style cramps, but a bloated feeling with some pain. And my stomach actually blew up like a balloon, I could feel it being swollen. It was slightly improved this morning but got worse after I foolishly ate lunch. So I'm guessing it was something I are, and trying to figure out what it might be. Possible culprits do include dairy though I've never previously been aware of a problem with dairy. I cooked lamb yesterday which I rarely do - again I haven't noticed a problem before, and I generally get lamb whenever we have a kebab, and often when we have a curry, it's one of my favourite meats oh please not the lamb not the lamb... Or the dairy, because I need cheese and yogurt in my life. Apart from that I ate coconut and macadamia nuts - ditto the no former problems. If it doesn't improve very quickly it's going to force me into a whole30 or other elimination diet and I'm still not sure that I'm up to that. Even with the swollen stomach I was still down another 0.4lbs from Friday (it was down 1.6lbs prior to the swollen stomach) Sadly and illogically it didn't rob my of my appetite. Around 3 pm it cleared completely, then came back after dinner. Doesn't feel too bad at the moment though.

This morning I woke up thinking I'm so glad it's not time to get up yet... and then the alarm went off. Never a good start to the day. It was grey, drizzling and depressing all day, probably just as well since I wasn't feeling like I should go for a walk in case my stomach exploded but given the weather I didn't care.

Food today:
Breakfast: eggs scrambled with pate, red onion and tomato
Lunch: egg fast vanilla custard
Dinner: lamb with half an avocado and half a tomato
Snacks: macadamia nuts, cheese

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  1. :-( I hope you find the cause of the bloating - it sounds most uncomfortable.
    J x