Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Busy busy busy

I didn't have quite such a clean eating day again today but stayed gluten and binge free so it could have been worse.
I tried to walk before work but the rain dissuaded me again; I did manage it at lunchtime and after work for a total of just under 6 miles though, so that was OK. Apart from that I had a busy day, closed off lots of bugs (also raised 2 more)
And that's about it really. My back, which had been improving all week, flared up a bit today though still not as bad as it was. I think it's helped that most of my recent walks have not included carrying any bags of shopping, even in the rucksack. Hopefully tomorrow it will feel better again.
My mood has been better today, I think probably because I was too busy to wallow in depression. Note to self: why are you always saying you feel better for exercising and keeping busy yet as soon as the depression hits you try to put yourself in solitary confinement /hibernation? You know it doesn't help...

Food today:
Breakfast: scrambled eggs
Lunch: egg rolls (I bought some gf bread rolls from waitrose) and some vegetable crisps because they were reduced
Dinner: cheese and salad plate - tomato, celery, kimchi, cucumber etc
Snacks: small jar of cockles; melon with sugar free jelly

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  1. It's so hard to get motivated, isn't it? I think you're doing exrtremely well.
    J x