Friday, 31 July 2015


I was right about the hiatus in the downward trend in my weight as the scales claimed I was nearly 3lbs heavier today than yesterday. This is why I weigh daily (when I'm feeling motivated) - if I'd seen that number at the end of a week I would have been depressed but I would have believed in it; because I know that my grazing yesterday was at most 300 extra calories I know that the number this morning is a short term glitch and I'm not depressed. Much healthier - even if some people consider daily weigh ins excessive / obsessional.
The big deployment I've been banging on about is due this evening. My involvement is supposed to last from 7pm till 10pm. I'll be surprised if it doesn't drag on later than that - based on the chaotic situation all this week. Thankfully I have nothing important planned for this weekend, though I hope to walk at least 12 miles on at least one day, and if possible 10 - 12 on the other, weather, exhaustion and work permitting!
Today I worked from home having slept pretty badly last night - not exactly surprising since I'm not good at compartmentalising my life and I defy anyone to sleep well after spending a week swimming in adrenaline and cortisol from all the stress and rage. I didn't make it out for a pre-work walk as I was bogged down with a chore (paperwork) that really should have been done weeks ago. I did however go out at lunch, and again after work since I needed the time to recover my strength for this evening's overtime. In total about 6.2 miles.

Food today:
Breakfast: eggs scrambled with mushrooms and leek
Lunch: cream of chicken soup
Dinner: salmon with pesto zoodles
Snacks: cheese

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