Monday, 1 June 2015

Why does Monday keep coming around again???

I walked 10.5 miles on Saturday, tried to only eat normally without increasing my intake to in any way compensate for the extra activity, and ended up overeating due to hunger, and getting no exercise at all yesterday. Yep, I'm a dumbass. I did feel good doing all the walking though, I just should have planned in the right extra food at the right time. I'll know next time!  Which should be this weekend as my brother is coming to visit us.
Strangely the weekend raced by. Spending 3 hrs in total on Saturday walking obviously took quite a chunk out of it but you'd think Sunday might have dragged a bit with all the lying down doing nothing and it really didn't, which may mean I wasn't just being lazy, but was possibly getting some much needed rest. All I know is that I was shocked when I realised it was already lunchtime!  In the afternoon we watched - and thoroughly enjoyed - Maleficent. And as usual I did spend quite a while in the kitchen, so it wasn't all non-productive.
This morning I swore A LOT when I had to get up. I'd been awake for a while - well, dopily half awake really - and passionately wanted to stay in bed. And not go to work. Sigh.
At lunchtime I thoroughly enjoyed a 3 mile walk along the canal (by myself) in some sunshine though also a cold wind.
As usual that was the high point of the work day.
After work I made it onto the climber!!!  For a whopping 10 minutes. This was a combination of it being hard work because I'm still intending to change my stride length and posture to hopefully avoid another injury and me being really unfit for anything except walking now. It felt awful compared to previous occasions - that's down to the difference in my form I believe. I actually intended to train in the morning before work, but this morning I was so bleary minded due to weird dreams and interrupted sleep, that I only remembered my intention after my head started to clear while I was in the shower. Still, main thing is - I got on the thing and I plan to try again on Wednesday. Morning or evening remains to be seen.
Oh yes, you probably gathered I'm on the egg fast again. I may go 5 days then completely ignore it for my brother's visit, it will probably depend on how bored I am by Thursday. At least 3 days though.

Food today:
Breakfast: fried eggs
Lunch: egg mayo
Dinner:  egg drop soup (based on beef stock this time - not as good as chicken stock, though not bad either)
Snacks: cheese

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