Monday, 8 June 2015

What a great weekend!

What a great weekend!  The weather was stunning and my brother was visiting so we walked the legs off each other - nearly 14 miles on Saturday and over 15 on Sunday. I expected to be feeling it today but I'm not aching and I'm blister-free so that's pretty amazing. The thing I love about walking with him is that he never saw a corner he didn't want to turn or a footpath he didn't want to explore. We spent Saturday tramping around fields and through woods. (We also visited the next village to where I live, but that wasn't the main bit)

We then went to London yesterday. Which was fantastic. We actually got off the train with no idea what we planned to do - usually we have a plan in mind for at least some of the day - and just started walking from Waterloo station, over the Thames to Victoria embankment. Then I saw a sign for Covent Garden, where we hadn't been for a long time, and on impulse we headed there to amble around the markets and shops for a while. After lunch we decided to head back to the river (we both love walking the Thames Path) but got side tracked and ended up wandering around Westminster, passing Buckingham Palace, crossing St James' Park,  Green Park and Hyde Park, and then walking to Paddington. Even after we got the train back to my home station we still had the energy for a couple more miles in a nearby nature reserve.

 I'm pretty sure I've never walked that far in a single weekend. I didn't manage as low carb a weekend as I wanted - due to the heat I must admit I succumbed to the temptation of a 99 ice-cream in Green Park (a double cone no less - and I even ate most of the cone) but apart from that the food was not at all bad, possibly not enough of it considering how many calories you burn when literally walking all day. I didn't have any booze, but did overdo the unsweetened lattes. And last night I slept like the dead!
Mind you, coming into the office felt like coming down with a BANG this morning. I did consider working from home again but it felt like pushing my luck. My sunburn doesn't hurt yet and my eye had calmed down a lot too (although that didn't last) . So I didn't. I didn't get on the climber this morning as I felt a rest day was called for but did do the 30 squats I should really have done yesterday, and walked 2 miles at lunchtime.
Speaking of my eye, which I was, the phone call to my consultant's secretary paid off and I will be getting stabbed with needles multiple times on the 16th - which I believe is next Tuesday - so hopefully things are about to get better on that front!
A very unoriginal thought /observation... It is a lot harder to be good after breaking a diet plan than it is to not break it.  I have been hearing chocolate calling my name all day today - even when I abandoned my egg fast last week I had no interest in chocolate at all. But just one soft serve ice-cream and the cravings return... Damn it!
I didn't eat any. I didn't eat any!
Thinking about it maybe my interest in the chocolate was down partly to my body pointing out that I didn't feed it enough over the weekend for all the activity...
Anyway I now annoyingly have a headache and a throbbing eye so an early night is needed

Food today:
Breakfast: fried eggs
Lunch: egg mayo - with wasabi mayo for a change (this was actually a horrible combination. The wasabi mayo is great on a leafy veggie salad but too liquid for egg mayo. Live and learn....)
Dinner: cheese omelette
Snacks: cheese

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  1. That sounds like a fabulous weekend! And yes, I bet you burned off any excess carbs this weekend for sure!