Thursday, 25 June 2015

Sigh. Again.

My back hurts. Again. So I am grumpy. Again.
And also I woke up at 2am and stayed awake. So I am entitled to be grumpy I think. Although the kind words and virtual hugs of Rachel and Joy did make me feel better!

No binge today!  (I did not weigh myself this morning - didn't need the depression. I have decided to consider yesterday a 'carb refeed' day, ignoring the extremely unhealthy specific foods that I abused myself with, and therefore not feel guilty for bingeing. I've been on a plateau lately so I have an excuse to shake things up a bit anyway)
I'm taking the train to work while my car gets a bit of work done so I started the day walking to the station (1.7 miles) in the sunshine and then spent the train journey chatting to a colleague - quite a pleasant start really though I doubt if carrying my work laptop to the station is doing my back much good (it's an antique - like a brick). I also walked at lunchtime - alone sadly, but I got a couple of miles in  - and of course had to walk back from the station after work as well, for a total of 7.96 miles, which can't be bad on top of a full day at work! I took a long way back to shop down the road, and regretted it at the time as the sweat ran down my neck (I actually felt a little crappy) That was before I checked my pedometer though, if I'd checked it at the time I would have scraped together another 0.04 miles just to round things off.
Now I am shattered. It may seem embarrassingly early to most (normal) people, but hey - up since 2, remember? Bedtime for me now!

Food today:
Breakfast: scrambled eggs with a little leftover cooked chicken
Lunch: sausage, spinach and feta frittata with kimchi
Dinner: stewed oxtail with broccoli, leek, cauliflower & cabbage
Snacks: cheese, pork scratchings

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  1. As the saying goes, 'early to bed, early to rise . . .'
    J x