Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Ouch ow grrrrrrrr

What a chilly start to the day this morning. It was actually a relief to walk into the office and discover it was overly warm as it always is first thing in the morning.
In my long spiel yesterday I forgot to mention one piece of news - namely that it looks likely my contract will be extended for another 3 months (still pending paperwork and authorisation but knowing they want to is encouraging).
As always I walked to the supermarket at lunchtime and was again shocked by the weather - the wind was absolutely bitter and it was overcast as well. That has to rank as one of the shortest summers ever if that's all we get - my sunburn hasn't even faded and it felt more like October than June.
I slept really well again last night - I don't remember waking up at all from 8pm (when I went to bed with a headache) till 4am. Obviously I was still catching up from the weekend, and I appreciated it very much when I woke up this morning. Until I removed my eye mask and opened my eyes - it felt like someone was stabbing the back of my eye ball. I don't know what has caused this most recent flare up - if I can still call it a flare up after so many days - but it's making me very eager to get the injections next week regardless of possible side effects. If that treatment doesn't help I don't know what I'll do next...
In the meantime, no chocolate cravings today and less hunger overall so that was good. Bring on the eggs!!! And the cheese!!!
And the soothing after sun products for my increasingly itchy sun burn...

Food today:
Breakfast: cream cheese pancakes
Lunch: cheesy scrambled eggs
Dinner: egg drop soup
Snacks: cheese

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  1. It's been jolly chilly recently. It's been warmer today but judging by the way it is cooling now the night will be chilly again.
    I'm sorry to read that you are still having eye problems and am crossing my fingers for the injections.
    And finally - good news about the contract. Well done.

    J x