Monday, 29 June 2015


What a weekend
Is it still called a binge if it lasts a couple of DAYS rather than hours?
I went insane and literally ate thousands of excess calories at the weekend - including tons of chocolate and even a lot of (non gluten free) bread. Even a Subway! (footlong)
Sugar? Yep. Wheat? Yep. Oats? Yep. Ice Cream? Yep.
By last night my stomach felt like I swallowed a beach ball. No - a bouncy castle.
I don't know why it happened, I'm going to guess most people reading this will be saying things like 'too restrictive normally' and 'everything in moderation', but everything in moderation was what I was trying to do when I used to binge like that at least once or twice a week, so I can't hear you...  This probably hurt more than it would have then simply because it is so much rarer, a fact that I'm clinging to with all my strength right now.
I think I was down because of the constant back pain and the plateau I was on (until I decided to gain weight if I couldn't lose it) and being tired and so on and so on...

On the plus side I did also walk quite a bit - nearly 6 miles on Saturday and over 8 miles on Sunday. Of course I was walking from shop to shop to buy crap to eat while I walked, but hey, calories eaten while you walk don't count, everyone knows that...


  1. Facetious comments won't help, I know, so I won't make any.
    I think all the reasons you mentioned could be valid. Have you ever kept a mood diary to see if there are any patterns? Is it period time?
    Hope you feel better soon.

  2. Weekends are hardest for me, too. I can't figure out why, but that's when I way overeat and don't get much exercise. Maybe just the lack of schedule on the weekends?