Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Keep on trying...

I managed to get on the climber before work today - but again lasted only 10 minutes, which I find a bit embarrassing even though I know it's stupid because I'm consciously working to almost double my natural stride length and that's hard... Also I walked the 2 miles at lunchtime since I forgot to order a couple of bits while placing a home delivery order with Tesco for delivery tonight. Fool... It was lovely actually, the wind had just a bit of a chilly edge but in the sun, when the wind dropped, it was very pleasant and actively summery at last. With good company as always. Though sadly my walking buddy has come down with man flu and is wussing out for the rest of the week...
I haven't mentioned this before because I'm so prone to starting things and not finishing them, but I'm also now 2 weeks into a bodyweight squat challenge - this one. I do them at work first thing in the morning so no-one sees because they break room has lower chairs than anything we have at home. I think I'm improving - there are no mirrors allowing me to check my form :-( but I figure as long as I'm not incorporating big weights imperfections in form are less important anyway. I really felt it this morning (doing 40 - its 50 tomorrow (gulp))
So I'm trying to be more active and get some exercise. Some of it I'm enjoying... Not all.
Also not enjoying having some more discomfort from my damned eye. I guess it may be reacting to pollen or something? Anyway midafternoon yesterday I had to take painkillers and it's been niggling at me today as well. Yesterday I managed to finally talk to my consultant's secretary about the treatment he wanted to try, and she said she'd talk to him on Thursday and make me an appointment. She's been very good at sorting these mix ups out in the past so hopefully I'll get the steroid injections fairly soon. Although I'm not sure how long they're likely to last, he was clear it would be a temporary effect. I just hope it helps for a while at least, if I don't see a benefit I may just end up gouging the stupid thing out with a fork...

Food today:
Breakfast: cream cheese pancakes with vanilla sauce (I made a double portion last night)
Lunch: egg mayo (again, already had this made up) but I wrapped it in lettuce leaves woo hoo!
Dinner: boneless pork chop marinated in balsamic vinegar and dijon with roasted Brussels sprouts
Snacks: cheese

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  1. Sorry to read about the eye - it's turning out to be a very long journey, isn't it?
    J x