Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Bummer. Bugger!

My back hurts. Again. So I am grumpy. Again.
So I ate crisps and chocolate because everyone knows that crisps and chocolate cure back pain and grumpiness. Especially when it develops into a fill on binge. (It developed into a full on binge)
I walked at lunchtime - it was the only hour all through the working day my back didn't ache. The rest of the day I spent waiting till I could take more painkillers (which barely took the edge off)
I walked again after work and it helped too. So a relatively active day but not productive and quite the downer.

Food today:
Breakfast: hardboiled egg and salad
Lunch: cream cheese pancakes
Dinner: chicken soup
Snacks: cheese, crisps, chocolate


  1. So sorry your back is hurting - hope it gets better quickly!

  2. Not good. Many gentle hugs.
    J x