Monday, 22 June 2015

Bloody Monday

Well, summer just returned after a start to the day that suggested it was October already.  It rained all night, drizzled all morning, and was so grey and overcast I felt an overwhelming desire to go back to bed all morning.
At lunchtime I was thinking about being lazy and staying in on my bum but my walking buddy has a stronger will power than me, and when he suggested a walk I was guilted /shamed into going - although we agreed to turn back if it rained harder. Which it didn't, we only got a little damp when it warmed up enough to force us to remove our jackets then immediately started drizzling more enthusiastically.
I was really pleased I went - although I did buy a regrettable Atkins bar while I was out.
I spent most of today fighting with my mobile phone. Late yesterday it started claiming to have no sim card - a total lie, but what do you expect of technology? I restarted it 900000 times,  removed both the battery and the sim card 500790 times, inserted the sim card into both the sim card slots,  restarted the phone in safe mode then recovery mode then normal mode another 34567 times....  and then suddenly it just started behaving again, though with the sim card in the 'wrong'  - ie secondary - slot.  Apparently this manufacturer has a problem with sim holders so I shall now be waiting for it to screw up again.
And I did some work too.
Rubbish traffic on the way home was almost the perfect end to a frustrating day, but luckily once I got home I spent a couple of hours in the kitchen cooling off by making salads and dressings.

Food today:
Breakfast: scrambled eggs
Lunch: cream cheese pancakes
Dinner:  Omelette with homemade pate, tomato and red onion.
Snacks: cheese, atkins bar.

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