Friday, 5 June 2015

Bit better today

No post yesterday because yesterday was so crap. Virtually no sleep, felt lousy all day, worked from home (not very productively) and ate too much because I was in such a bad mood. No walking or exercise apart from my 50 squats (thankfully today is a squat rest day) and the only time spent in the sun was hanging laundry out to dry.  Talk about a wasted day...
Today I was determined not to repeat that (although I am working from home again) so I trained first thing on the climber and although I had to split it into 2 chunks I managed 25 minutes today. I feel so unfit...
We had rain this morning when I put the bin out and it was overcast all morning as well - but hot and humid even after the rain.
I went for a lunchtime walk - just the normal 2 miles or so - and a post-work walk - another 3 miles - so today was much better than yesterday on an exercise front. Plus I stayed within calories even with a glass of red wine.
Food today:
Breakfast: egg salad made with homemade Ranch dressing
Lunch: egg drop soup
Dinner: slow cooker chicken vindaloo with roasted Brussels sprouts
Snacks: cheese

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