Monday, 29 June 2015

Binge free day

Much much much better day today.
No binge and very little snacking, plus I walked nearly 6 miles.
I worked from home because my back is still betraying me. I would have had to travel by train because my car was having a little work done, but the idea of walking over 3 miles with my rucksack and laptop when I already have back pain... Not a good idea I felt. So I walked at every opportunity to warm up my muscles (not carrying any weight, to avoid exacerbating things) and spent the rest of the day propped up on pillows relaxing. Only needed one set of painkillers rather than the usual 3,so it really did help.

Food today:
Breakfast: scrambled eggs
Lunch: homemade blue cheese and celery soup
Dinner: Low carb slow cooker 'chicken vindaloo'  with grilled green beans
Snacks: homemade lamb sausage; small amount of baked gammon; tiny bit of peanut butter


  1. So glad that things are better all round. Working from home was a very sensible decision, I think. Hope it continues today.
    J x

  2. Congrats on having a better day - lots of walking and great food selections. Hope your back improves quickly!