Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Bloody hell it's been hot today.

I went for a lunchtime walk but I felt guilty afterwards as I was back in the office today and I did get a bit sweaty. We probably walked a little fast for such a warm day, especially as I was wearing jeans rather than dressing for the weather.
I was feeling really down this morning - a combination of the never ending back ache, the (predictably) horrible morning weigh in, and just not being rich enough or thin enough. {Miraculously I didn't console myself with the box of 24 peanut butter kit kats one of my colleagues brought in and placed on a nearby desk in full view of me.  In fact I didn't eat any of them, or the biscuits someone else brought in... Honestly, the humble office is kind of a mine field some days)  Even though it was too hot, my walk did help cheer me up a bit and the afternoon was less miserable as a result. After work I tried to take another walk but it was just too hot to enjoy - it was about 31 degrees, and my preference is low to mid 20s... I nearly melted in the kitchen as I had foolishly planned a meal that included homemade oven chips for M on the hottest day of the year so far...
M and I were a pair of old crocks this evening. He had a sore and stiff neck and I of course was still feeling sorry for myself re the back...

Food today:
Breakfast: scrambled eggs
Lunch: homemade cream of broccoli soup
Dinner: Low carb Korean bbq chicken with grilled broccoli and green beans (plus one glass of red wine)
Snacks: hard boiled egg, homemade lamb sausage

Monday, 29 June 2015

Binge free day

Much much much better day today.
No binge and very little snacking, plus I walked nearly 6 miles.
I worked from home because my back is still betraying me. I would have had to travel by train because my car was having a little work done, but the idea of walking over 3 miles with my rucksack and laptop when I already have back pain... Not a good idea I felt. So I walked at every opportunity to warm up my muscles (not carrying any weight, to avoid exacerbating things) and spent the rest of the day propped up on pillows relaxing. Only needed one set of painkillers rather than the usual 3,so it really did help.

Food today:
Breakfast: scrambled eggs
Lunch: homemade blue cheese and celery soup
Dinner: Low carb slow cooker 'chicken vindaloo'  with grilled green beans
Snacks: homemade lamb sausage; small amount of baked gammon; tiny bit of peanut butter


What a weekend
Is it still called a binge if it lasts a couple of DAYS rather than hours?
I went insane and literally ate thousands of excess calories at the weekend - including tons of chocolate and even a lot of (non gluten free) bread. Even a Subway! (footlong)
Sugar? Yep. Wheat? Yep. Oats? Yep. Ice Cream? Yep.
By last night my stomach felt like I swallowed a beach ball. No - a bouncy castle.
I don't know why it happened, I'm going to guess most people reading this will be saying things like 'too restrictive normally' and 'everything in moderation', but everything in moderation was what I was trying to do when I used to binge like that at least once or twice a week, so I can't hear you...  This probably hurt more than it would have then simply because it is so much rarer, a fact that I'm clinging to with all my strength right now.
I think I was down because of the constant back pain and the plateau I was on (until I decided to gain weight if I couldn't lose it) and being tired and so on and so on...

On the plus side I did also walk quite a bit - nearly 6 miles on Saturday and over 8 miles on Sunday. Of course I was walking from shop to shop to buy crap to eat while I walked, but hey, calories eaten while you walk don't count, everyone knows that...

Thursday, 25 June 2015

Sigh. Again.

My back hurts. Again. So I am grumpy. Again.
And also I woke up at 2am and stayed awake. So I am entitled to be grumpy I think. Although the kind words and virtual hugs of Rachel and Joy did make me feel better!

No binge today!  (I did not weigh myself this morning - didn't need the depression. I have decided to consider yesterday a 'carb refeed' day, ignoring the extremely unhealthy specific foods that I abused myself with, and therefore not feel guilty for bingeing. I've been on a plateau lately so I have an excuse to shake things up a bit anyway)
I'm taking the train to work while my car gets a bit of work done so I started the day walking to the station (1.7 miles) in the sunshine and then spent the train journey chatting to a colleague - quite a pleasant start really though I doubt if carrying my work laptop to the station is doing my back much good (it's an antique - like a brick). I also walked at lunchtime - alone sadly, but I got a couple of miles in  - and of course had to walk back from the station after work as well, for a total of 7.96 miles, which can't be bad on top of a full day at work! I took a long way back to shop down the road, and regretted it at the time as the sweat ran down my neck (I actually felt a little crappy) That was before I checked my pedometer though, if I'd checked it at the time I would have scraped together another 0.04 miles just to round things off.
Now I am shattered. It may seem embarrassingly early to most (normal) people, but hey - up since 2, remember? Bedtime for me now!

Food today:
Breakfast: scrambled eggs with a little leftover cooked chicken
Lunch: sausage, spinach and feta frittata with kimchi
Dinner: stewed oxtail with broccoli, leek, cauliflower & cabbage
Snacks: cheese, pork scratchings

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Bummer. Bugger!

My back hurts. Again. So I am grumpy. Again.
So I ate crisps and chocolate because everyone knows that crisps and chocolate cure back pain and grumpiness. Especially when it develops into a fill on binge. (It developed into a full on binge)
I walked at lunchtime - it was the only hour all through the working day my back didn't ache. The rest of the day I spent waiting till I could take more painkillers (which barely took the edge off)
I walked again after work and it helped too. So a relatively active day but not productive and quite the downer.

Food today:
Breakfast: hardboiled egg and salad
Lunch: cream cheese pancakes
Dinner: chicken soup
Snacks: cheese, crisps, chocolate

Tuesday, 23 June 2015


Grey morning again today. Around 10:50 the sun came out, it went away while I went for my lunchtime walk (for which I was grateful - it was warm enough without it) and then returned so I could look out at it during the afternoon. It was so nice (eventually) that I wanted to go out for a walk after work as well,but unfortunately couldn't because of the return of the damned back pain. So I didn't, I just went into the kitchen for the evening as usual. Booooooring

Food today:
Breakfast: Omelette with homemade pate, tomato and red onion.
Lunch: curried egg mayo; Total Greek yogurt
Dinner:  egg drop soup
Snacks: cheese

Monday, 22 June 2015

Bloody Monday

Well, summer just returned after a start to the day that suggested it was October already.  It rained all night, drizzled all morning, and was so grey and overcast I felt an overwhelming desire to go back to bed all morning.
At lunchtime I was thinking about being lazy and staying in on my bum but my walking buddy has a stronger will power than me, and when he suggested a walk I was guilted /shamed into going - although we agreed to turn back if it rained harder. Which it didn't, we only got a little damp when it warmed up enough to force us to remove our jackets then immediately started drizzling more enthusiastically.
I was really pleased I went - although I did buy a regrettable Atkins bar while I was out.
I spent most of today fighting with my mobile phone. Late yesterday it started claiming to have no sim card - a total lie, but what do you expect of technology? I restarted it 900000 times,  removed both the battery and the sim card 500790 times, inserted the sim card into both the sim card slots,  restarted the phone in safe mode then recovery mode then normal mode another 34567 times....  and then suddenly it just started behaving again, though with the sim card in the 'wrong'  - ie secondary - slot.  Apparently this manufacturer has a problem with sim holders so I shall now be waiting for it to screw up again.
And I did some work too.
Rubbish traffic on the way home was almost the perfect end to a frustrating day, but luckily once I got home I spent a couple of hours in the kitchen cooling off by making salads and dressings.

Food today:
Breakfast: scrambled eggs
Lunch: cream cheese pancakes
Dinner:  Omelette with homemade pate, tomato and red onion.
Snacks: cheese, atkins bar.

Friday, 19 June 2015


Beautiful day today - windy but beautiful and when the wind dropped, hot hot hot!
Can I just say TFIF - I am so ready for the weekend!!! Apart from the lovely sunshine today was pretty crap - stressful stuff at work, more back pain just when I thought it had gone, and a rubbish journey home that stopped my intended after work walk. I was really frustrated and pissed off by midafternoon and I gave in to temptation and bought a (small) bag of peanut M&M's. This was already not going to be an egg fast day but it was supposed to be a keto day so I messed that up - but I wasn't inclined to binge so I suppose it could be worse. Back on the wagon tomorrow.

Food today:
Breakfast: scrambled eggs
Lunch: cream cheese pancakes
Dinner:  salmon and low carb veg stir fry
Snacks: cheese; M&M's

Thursday, 18 June 2015

More cheerful today

I went back in to the office today after getting a very decent night's sleep last night. Much happier today - zero discomfort from THE EYE, both in terms of the incision from Tuesday and the eye pain that led to the procedure in the first place - which I guess means the swelling is going down. I also think my vision is clearing up - obviously it can't fix my tiny baby cataracts but the overall blurriness seems better today. So yay! Although in case you think I have been body snatched by a cheerful alien let me reassure you with one complaint I have - I have to use single dose chloramphenicol eye drops 4 times a day for a while and OMG they taste disgusting. No, I'm not drinking the eye drops, but every. single. time  I use them, a couple of minutes later they trickle down to the back of my throat and they are FOUL. I am however perfectly willing to take the full course given that I am seeing improvements already and that proves (if proof were needed) that my consultant knows his stuff.

We had rain overnight but it was beautiful this morning, a bit warm for a walk maybe. As it happened I had to go to the post office at lunchtime anyway, so couldn't go for a full length walk in the time I had. Still pleasant to get out of the office of course. I explored some overgrown narrow footpaths I hadn't tried before and found a tiny village I'd never seen before - literally just a small collection of large attractive houses and nothing else,in the middle of nowhere, on a narrow winding road that needed passing places in case of 2 cars meeting. Apart from that everything just continues as usual...

Food today:
Breakfast: fried eggs
Lunch: egg mayo
Dinner:  egg drop soup
Snacks: cheese


Last night I fell into bed at 8pm and didn't move until 3am. I was shattered - hence no post yesterday - due to barely sleeping Tuesday night.
Not much to report anyway. I walked 3.5 miles at lunchtime hoping to wake myself up; looking back having a nap might have been a better idea as I was working from home anyway. I stuck to the egg fast and didn't drink; did my squat challenge and didn't get on the climber. My back is feeling a lot better today so I may try to tomorrow morning.
And that's about it for Wednesday.

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Mission accomplished. Eventually.

So I arrive at the hospital 20 minutes early having been told to come at 12. That's not a 12:00 appointment, just when they want us all to arrive, apparently, because the afternoon surgical session doesn't even start until 13:30, but they want everyone here at 12 to check in and sit around like idiots. There were 3 other patients in the waiting room by 1:30, at least 2 of them having procedures requiring general anaesthetic - so probably longer and more involved than mine, yes? Yes. So they schedule me third (not that they told me that, I just heard the receptionist & nurse talking.)  Oh yes, and the first guy doesn't get taken down until 2pm. So not only was I going third but they were also running late from the beginning. I HATE this hospital. I think I'd rather go blind than come back here if I need more treatment. I HATE HATE HATE HATE it. How can an organisation supposedly based on healing be so fucking inconsiderate? The waiting room was sweltering, no water available, and the staff told us nothing...  while discussing other patients in ways those patients probably wouldn't appreciate if they knew about it.  Just to be clear, HATE. I'd actually rather have been at work - with.eye.pain. Truly. Especially as this treatment is essentially an experiment that may confer no or very limited short term benefits. FFS.
I actually got taken to the theatre at 15:40 - only 4 hours or so after I got there. The procedure took 20 minutes including the obligatory pre-op chat with the surgical nurses (which I actually enjoyed) so I didn't really feel the balance was quite right there. Luckily the local anaesthetic had zero effect on my balance, my stomach, or my eye sight so after all my concern about leaving by taxi or getting M out of work to collect me I actually walked the mile to Reading station, travelled back on the train, and then walked another 1.5 (approx) miles home with no ill effects apart from sore feet. Then we ordered a takeaway and I drank whisky because after all that I lacked the energy to cook or behave.

Food today:
Breakfast: scrambled eggs
Lunch: cream cheese pancakes walking through Reading
Dinner:  egg drop soup
Snacks: cheese, nuts and pork rinds - the last 2 illegal but portable and (in the case of the rinds) homemade so no nasty additives (or hidden carbs)

Monday, 15 June 2015

Trying to stay positive

Something weird (and good) is happening to me...  I'm still egg fasting at the moment - over the weekend I added veg to dinner and ate some leftover sausage, feta and spinach frittata instead of following an egg fast recipe but stayed in the ball park - and yesterday I woke up totally uninterested in having breakfast. So I delayed eating till I was hungry - which didn't happen until lunchtime! Almost unheard of for me, I tend to generally eat all my meals unless I've stuffed myself at lunchtime. And this morning it happened again! I have been having a cup of 'bulletproof coffee' in the mornings to help get the high fat levels required by the egg fast diet, but I've done that every egg fast day but one and never before yesterday did it noticeably affect my appetite for breakfast. Although today I did have 2 babybels before lunch, possibly because I was more bored than yesterday rather than hungrier.
At lunchtime I went for my usual walk. My walking buddy is leaving the company in August - I'll have to find a way to motivate myself to keep it up on my own, as quite often I feel lazy but change my mind when I know I'll have company. I'm being renewed until the beginning of October so I'll be around a bit longer than he will.
I intended to train this morning I got as far as putting all my training gear on and getting on the climber, despite some early back pain, because I hoped it was just that I had stiffened up or slept funny last night. Almost immediately I was doubtful that was the case and I got off straight away as I don't want to hurt myself properly. The pain was on the left hand side of my back, just below the bottom edge of my shoulder blade, and it was really dreadful - particularly when I tried to turn and when I breathed in deeply. It did ease up on my own walk at lunchtime (possibly due to a combination of paracetamol and ibuprofen that I took as soon as I was confident the completely ineffective solpadeine was no longer in my system along with very gentle exercise and sunshine). So so so hoping tomorrow is a better day, I don't think my steroid injection expedition will be more pleasant in combination with a bad back...

Food today:
Breakfast: -
Lunch: egg mayo
Dinner:  egg drop soup
Snacks: cheese and one hard boiled egg. I confess to also nibbling a little gammon which is obviously illegal on the egg fast but not exactly heinous.


I feel like someone stabbed me in the back - with a sword - and now they're twisting the blade.
Solpadeine isn't touching it.
Don't know what I've done to it
Great start to the week...
Need a (careful) hug - but I'm in the office so hugs are not available.
Sob sob whimper groan

Friday, 12 June 2015


Why does one beautiful day have to be followed by a dreary one? It's such a shame that summer can't just settle in.
I worked from home today, and didn't walk at lunchtime because it was just too dreary - and humid - to be appealing. I did however spend 35 minutes on the climber - almost back to where I used to be in terms of duration (although it still feels harder than it used to and I now have a touch of backache. I also did 20 counter air squats (which I shouldn't have really as today was a rest day on the challenge). After work I did go for a walk - it was still dreary, but I just felt really restless after a day spent on my bum staring at a laptop monitor. I walked around the roads for 3 miles and while I didn't find it a patch on walking in a wood on a sunny day, it did at least burn off some of that excess energy.

Food today:
Breakfast: fried eggs
Lunch: Lemon baked Custard
Dinner:  egg mayo
Snacks: cheese

Thursday, 11 June 2015

What a beautiful day...

My walk at lunchtime today was really pleasant (although I did wish I'd brought something cooler than denim jeans to change into).
I spent the day trying to call the hospital (unsuccessfully) about my appointment next week. I'll be getting a local anaesthetic for the procedure and they said I needed someone to take me home afterwards. I think that's overkill and would rather either use the train or call a cab but I don't want them keeping me there all afternoon if they won't discharge me without a carer. Does anyone know what the situation is?It is only a local to numb the side of my face so they can inject steroids around the eye socket. How bad can that be? It sounds very non-intrusive to me, but I'd appreciate a more informed opinion :-)

Food today:
Breakfast: Lemon baked (egg fast) custard
Lunch: egg mayo
Dinner: cheesy scrambled eggs
Snacks: cheese

Wednesday, 10 June 2015


Freezing in the office again today.  Apparently there’s a plan afoot to gut this office and refurbished it from the ground up - hope they get a move on (and let us all work from home as they do the work)
I went for my normal walk at lunchtime ;it was less fun than usual because a) there was a bitterly cold wind and b) we were joined on the walk by a couple of extra colleagues whose walking style - and shopping style - wasn't 100% compatible with mine or that of my usual walking buddy. It wasn't bad, but I felt a bit rushed coming back and I prefer to feel more comfortable that I'll be back on time. Still, it's always good to get away from my desk, and as I'd already spent 25 minutes on the climber (all in one go too) and done 20 counterbalance air squats I feel I had quite an active day. I do want to add in planks and chin up / pull ups too though - maybe next week.
After work I spent most of the evening in the kitchen. I always have plenty to do, but I also choose to stay in there longer than need be so I don't spend the whole day on my bum. An antidote to office working, if you will.
Tired again today so it's time for bed...

Food today:
Breakfast: scrambled eggs
Lunch: cream cheese pancakes
Dinner: Asiago Baked Eggs
Snacks: cheese

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Ouch ow grrrrrrrr

What a chilly start to the day this morning. It was actually a relief to walk into the office and discover it was overly warm as it always is first thing in the morning.
In my long spiel yesterday I forgot to mention one piece of news - namely that it looks likely my contract will be extended for another 3 months (still pending paperwork and authorisation but knowing they want to is encouraging).
As always I walked to the supermarket at lunchtime and was again shocked by the weather - the wind was absolutely bitter and it was overcast as well. That has to rank as one of the shortest summers ever if that's all we get - my sunburn hasn't even faded and it felt more like October than June.
I slept really well again last night - I don't remember waking up at all from 8pm (when I went to bed with a headache) till 4am. Obviously I was still catching up from the weekend, and I appreciated it very much when I woke up this morning. Until I removed my eye mask and opened my eyes - it felt like someone was stabbing the back of my eye ball. I don't know what has caused this most recent flare up - if I can still call it a flare up after so many days - but it's making me very eager to get the injections next week regardless of possible side effects. If that treatment doesn't help I don't know what I'll do next...
In the meantime, no chocolate cravings today and less hunger overall so that was good. Bring on the eggs!!! And the cheese!!!
And the soothing after sun products for my increasingly itchy sun burn...

Food today:
Breakfast: cream cheese pancakes
Lunch: cheesy scrambled eggs
Dinner: egg drop soup
Snacks: cheese

Monday, 8 June 2015

What a great weekend!

What a great weekend!  The weather was stunning and my brother was visiting so we walked the legs off each other - nearly 14 miles on Saturday and over 15 on Sunday. I expected to be feeling it today but I'm not aching and I'm blister-free so that's pretty amazing. The thing I love about walking with him is that he never saw a corner he didn't want to turn or a footpath he didn't want to explore. We spent Saturday tramping around fields and through woods. (We also visited the next village to where I live, but that wasn't the main bit)

We then went to London yesterday. Which was fantastic. We actually got off the train with no idea what we planned to do - usually we have a plan in mind for at least some of the day - and just started walking from Waterloo station, over the Thames to Victoria embankment. Then I saw a sign for Covent Garden, where we hadn't been for a long time, and on impulse we headed there to amble around the markets and shops for a while. After lunch we decided to head back to the river (we both love walking the Thames Path) but got side tracked and ended up wandering around Westminster, passing Buckingham Palace, crossing St James' Park,  Green Park and Hyde Park, and then walking to Paddington. Even after we got the train back to my home station we still had the energy for a couple more miles in a nearby nature reserve.

 I'm pretty sure I've never walked that far in a single weekend. I didn't manage as low carb a weekend as I wanted - due to the heat I must admit I succumbed to the temptation of a 99 ice-cream in Green Park (a double cone no less - and I even ate most of the cone) but apart from that the food was not at all bad, possibly not enough of it considering how many calories you burn when literally walking all day. I didn't have any booze, but did overdo the unsweetened lattes. And last night I slept like the dead!
Mind you, coming into the office felt like coming down with a BANG this morning. I did consider working from home again but it felt like pushing my luck. My sunburn doesn't hurt yet and my eye had calmed down a lot too (although that didn't last) . So I didn't. I didn't get on the climber this morning as I felt a rest day was called for but did do the 30 squats I should really have done yesterday, and walked 2 miles at lunchtime.
Speaking of my eye, which I was, the phone call to my consultant's secretary paid off and I will be getting stabbed with needles multiple times on the 16th - which I believe is next Tuesday - so hopefully things are about to get better on that front!
A very unoriginal thought /observation... It is a lot harder to be good after breaking a diet plan than it is to not break it.  I have been hearing chocolate calling my name all day today - even when I abandoned my egg fast last week I had no interest in chocolate at all. But just one soft serve ice-cream and the cravings return... Damn it!
I didn't eat any. I didn't eat any!
Thinking about it maybe my interest in the chocolate was down partly to my body pointing out that I didn't feed it enough over the weekend for all the activity...
Anyway I now annoyingly have a headache and a throbbing eye so an early night is needed

Food today:
Breakfast: fried eggs
Lunch: egg mayo - with wasabi mayo for a change (this was actually a horrible combination. The wasabi mayo is great on a leafy veggie salad but too liquid for egg mayo. Live and learn....)
Dinner: cheese omelette
Snacks: cheese

Friday, 5 June 2015

Bit better today

No post yesterday because yesterday was so crap. Virtually no sleep, felt lousy all day, worked from home (not very productively) and ate too much because I was in such a bad mood. No walking or exercise apart from my 50 squats (thankfully today is a squat rest day) and the only time spent in the sun was hanging laundry out to dry.  Talk about a wasted day...
Today I was determined not to repeat that (although I am working from home again) so I trained first thing on the climber and although I had to split it into 2 chunks I managed 25 minutes today. I feel so unfit...
We had rain this morning when I put the bin out and it was overcast all morning as well - but hot and humid even after the rain.
I went for a lunchtime walk - just the normal 2 miles or so - and a post-work walk - another 3 miles - so today was much better than yesterday on an exercise front. Plus I stayed within calories even with a glass of red wine.
Food today:
Breakfast: egg salad made with homemade Ranch dressing
Lunch: egg drop soup
Dinner: slow cooker chicken vindaloo with roasted Brussels sprouts
Snacks: cheese

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Keep on trying...

I managed to get on the climber before work today - but again lasted only 10 minutes, which I find a bit embarrassing even though I know it's stupid because I'm consciously working to almost double my natural stride length and that's hard... Also I walked the 2 miles at lunchtime since I forgot to order a couple of bits while placing a home delivery order with Tesco for delivery tonight. Fool... It was lovely actually, the wind had just a bit of a chilly edge but in the sun, when the wind dropped, it was very pleasant and actively summery at last. With good company as always. Though sadly my walking buddy has come down with man flu and is wussing out for the rest of the week...
I haven't mentioned this before because I'm so prone to starting things and not finishing them, but I'm also now 2 weeks into a bodyweight squat challenge - this one. I do them at work first thing in the morning so no-one sees because they break room has lower chairs than anything we have at home. I think I'm improving - there are no mirrors allowing me to check my form :-( but I figure as long as I'm not incorporating big weights imperfections in form are less important anyway. I really felt it this morning (doing 40 - its 50 tomorrow (gulp))
So I'm trying to be more active and get some exercise. Some of it I'm enjoying... Not all.
Also not enjoying having some more discomfort from my damned eye. I guess it may be reacting to pollen or something? Anyway midafternoon yesterday I had to take painkillers and it's been niggling at me today as well. Yesterday I managed to finally talk to my consultant's secretary about the treatment he wanted to try, and she said she'd talk to him on Thursday and make me an appointment. She's been very good at sorting these mix ups out in the past so hopefully I'll get the steroid injections fairly soon. Although I'm not sure how long they're likely to last, he was clear it would be a temporary effect. I just hope it helps for a while at least, if I don't see a benefit I may just end up gouging the stupid thing out with a fork...

Food today:
Breakfast: cream cheese pancakes with vanilla sauce (I made a double portion last night)
Lunch: egg mayo (again, already had this made up) but I wrapped it in lettuce leaves woo hoo!
Dinner: boneless pork chop marinated in balsamic vinegar and dijon with roasted Brussels sprouts
Snacks: cheese

Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Call this summer?

Got my normal 2 miles in today - in a little bit of drizzle, nothing compared to the torrential rain and high winds overnight. Although afterwards I had to survive an afternoon of weird hair because the combination of strongish wind and light drizzle made my fringe go very peculiar. I didn't know I had long enough hair for it to point in so many directions at once!
I'm feeling a bit low today, and very uninterested in eating lots of eggs. So I finished off my planned menu for today, but just one day after saying I might do a 5 day fast I'm deciding to take a week off. I want some veggies! And some meat! Next week I'll go for another 3 (or 5) days, hopefully refreshed and reinspired. Hopefully better planning it that way than bursting out into rebellious binge eating!

Food today:
Breakfast: scrambled eggs with Feta cheese and one sliced black olive
Lunch: egg mayo
Dinner:  cream cheese pancakes (with  vanilla sauce from the recipe for baked Custard substituting vanilla extract for the original caramel extract)
Snacks: cheese

Monday, 1 June 2015

Why does Monday keep coming around again???

I walked 10.5 miles on Saturday, tried to only eat normally without increasing my intake to in any way compensate for the extra activity, and ended up overeating due to hunger, and getting no exercise at all yesterday. Yep, I'm a dumbass. I did feel good doing all the walking though, I just should have planned in the right extra food at the right time. I'll know next time!  Which should be this weekend as my brother is coming to visit us.
Strangely the weekend raced by. Spending 3 hrs in total on Saturday walking obviously took quite a chunk out of it but you'd think Sunday might have dragged a bit with all the lying down doing nothing and it really didn't, which may mean I wasn't just being lazy, but was possibly getting some much needed rest. All I know is that I was shocked when I realised it was already lunchtime!  In the afternoon we watched - and thoroughly enjoyed - Maleficent. And as usual I did spend quite a while in the kitchen, so it wasn't all non-productive.
This morning I swore A LOT when I had to get up. I'd been awake for a while - well, dopily half awake really - and passionately wanted to stay in bed. And not go to work. Sigh.
At lunchtime I thoroughly enjoyed a 3 mile walk along the canal (by myself) in some sunshine though also a cold wind.
As usual that was the high point of the work day.
After work I made it onto the climber!!!  For a whopping 10 minutes. This was a combination of it being hard work because I'm still intending to change my stride length and posture to hopefully avoid another injury and me being really unfit for anything except walking now. It felt awful compared to previous occasions - that's down to the difference in my form I believe. I actually intended to train in the morning before work, but this morning I was so bleary minded due to weird dreams and interrupted sleep, that I only remembered my intention after my head started to clear while I was in the shower. Still, main thing is - I got on the thing and I plan to try again on Wednesday. Morning or evening remains to be seen.
Oh yes, you probably gathered I'm on the egg fast again. I may go 5 days then completely ignore it for my brother's visit, it will probably depend on how bored I am by Thursday. At least 3 days though.

Food today:
Breakfast: fried eggs
Lunch: egg mayo
Dinner:  egg drop soup (based on beef stock this time - not as good as chicken stock, though not bad either)
Snacks: cheese