Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Today happened

Hi Diane, thanks for asking! My new regime isn't really working perfectly - in that I hoped for the really dramatic weight loss a lot of (admittedly mostly obese or morbidly obese) people report and that hasn't happened - but on the other hand I've been much happier in terms of lacking the desire to binge all out on my favourite self-abusing sugary, fatty, gluteny junk food - and that's absolutely amazing!  While not feeling 100% because of the bug / virus I picked up that keeps lingering on I've been overdoing some trigger foods that I've had to take steps over, but even that was more of a grazing all day problem rather than a stuffing myself stupid for a couple of hours - in terms of calories the effect might be similar but it doesn't cause the same sense of panic or self-loathing, and doesn't make me feel physically sick, so I consider that an improvement. I think my gut flora are happier too - I've been reading the same stuff as you and have just recently started taking a prebiotic to help them as well as starting to eat sauerkraut again. So I'd say still a work in progress but worth it to me!
Apologies if that's a much more rambling reply than you were looking for :-)
Joy, I agree, living on nuts sounds fantastic to me!  At the weekend I made the mistake of buying a very cheap bag of salted peanuts from Aldi...  Let's just say they vanished in record time and that won't be happening again. But at least I resisted my beloved (higher carb) cashews...  Baby steps!
So, wasn't this morning dreary? I considered driving to work an hour early and going for a walk before 7 but it was just so uninspiring - so I didn't. But made up for that laziness with a lunchtime 2 miles. The sun came out briefly but the wind was bitterly cold when it blew so  overall it wasn't wonderful. I'm still glad I went obviously as it gave me a chance to chat and I needed a few bits of shopping. Sadly the said bits of shopping were really heavy - an 8 pack of fizzy water for me and a 6 pack of sodas for M, and now my back is telling me off a bit. I'm not as used to lugging weights a reasonable distance as I once was, maybe I should try to get back into that since its a form of sort-of resistance work that I don't hate. Anyway. Work was boring, walking was good, the End.

Food today:
Breakfast: sausage, feta and spinach frittata with sauerkraut
Lunch: tuna salad (sorry, colleagues who probably wished I'd brought something less smelly)
Dinner: pan fried rump steak with grilled asparagus
Snacks: half an avocado; cheese


  1. Oh, salted peanuts - mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!
    J x

  2. I'm glad you feel better on your regimen which after all is the object of the exercise and I must admit that eating good quality food instead of junk must be better for you.