Thursday, 28 May 2015


I did work from home today and was glad I did when the demo got postponed again (although that may have been because I wasn't there to attend). I was awake pretty much all night last night and stumbling around bouncing off walls and furniture when I got up this morning, so I decided getting behind the wheel of a car was a really bad idea. Admittedly I was biased in that direction before that.
I had a frustrating and boring morning, and made a specific point of going for a walk at lunchtime to get away from the laptop. I've noticed I don't do much walking when I work from home because I tend to decide to put some laundry on or cook something while I have the chance, but today I did it and, because I set my own pace and destination, managed 3 miles - mostly in the sun, which was quite warm when the nasty cold wind dropped.
After lunch a problem I'd been having with some code I was testing - the reason for my morning frustration - was solved and I managed to get somewhere finally. It was a relief as the code is due to be handed to the client for user acceptance testing tomorrow - and now it will be.
On a personal and not pleasant note, I'm no longer suffering from hormonally induces constipation, and as is usual for me at such a time I didn't smoothly go from constipated to regular in one day. I had a few moments today I was very pleased to be close to my own bathroom. It's a bit of a relief - although I wasn't actually uncomfortable because the lack of fibre on the egg fast seems definitely to show in terms of less waste produced (TMI? Definitely TMI), but I get worried if it lasts too long.
I was actually hungry today - I don't think the omelette was really big enough to eat for 2 meals and walk 3 miles on. So I snacked on an extra fried egg in the afternoon - something I obviously couldn't have done at work.

Food today:
Breakfast: buffalo omelette
Lunch: buffalo omelette (the second half of the omelette)
Dinner:  egg drop soup - now I'm out of stock and will have to make more. But I must admit I like this soup so much I'd happily eat it when not fasting - which I guess is no surprise to anyone since I had it 3 days in a row.
Snacks: cheese

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  1. It may be TMI but it's important. It affects our well being considerably! :-)
    J x