Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Monday continued

I wrote this yesterday then was too busy in the evening to post it...
The weather this morning matched my mood - wet and gloomy. It was also very windy, which I was not.
At lunchtime it looked threatening so I was too cowardly to go for a walk. I was sad about that when my walking buddy came back from his solo trip having made it all the way without getting wet, but he did admit that it wasn't particularly pleasant. My big rant this morning helped me feel a little bit better this afternoon. As did the really strong painkillers that threaten you with addiction if taken for more than 3 days. (which I am about to run out of) and the sight of a little blue sky out of the window. And so did Diane's comment - so thank you Diane, I think you're right, I did just need a bit of a wallow in it.
ETA I carried on wallowing in it in the evening. Must be careful, since that can also be addictive if continued for more than 3 days...

Food today:
Breakfast: scrambled eggs
Lunch: Gammon and mayo in cream cheese pancake wraps
Dinner: Pork chop with pesto zoodles
Snacks: cheese; half an avocado

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  1. Diane is a very wise lady! I'm glad you weren't windy!!!
    J x