Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Is it Friday yet?

I want to find a job that involves walking outdoors when it's sunny and snuggling up under a duvet when it's raining. Any ideas?
The office is pretty quiet this week due to lots of parents taking the half term off. Makes things pretty tedious for those of us who are in, and don't have enough work to do but no-one's in to ask for more. It's not like I mind not having tons to do - unless I'm in the office and feel obliged to look busy. BOOOOOORING.
Apologies if I'm always saying that - I feel like I might be.
I went out at lunchtime, just the normal Road walk to Sainsburys but with my usual walking buddy and another colleague there was no chance to find it boring and the weather was quite nice in between the chilly wind and the sticky humidity in full sunlight. It meant that I was a little more cheerful in the afternoon and more resigned to going back to the office (earlier I'd wanted to just get in my car and drive away). I was slightly miffed because I considered working from home today and decided against it because there was a demo of some software I'll be testing booked in this afternoon. I cheered myself up by deciding to wfh tomorrow instead. And then it was postponed....  until tomorrow afternoon. Arrrrrrrrrrrrrggghhhh..

Food today:
Breakfast: scrambled eggs in butter
Lunch: egg mayo
Dinner:  egg drop soup (made in lovely gelatinous homemade chicken stock from the carcass of a whole free range chicken I roasted on Sunday)
Snacks: cheese


  1. Retirement is a good way to go I make my plans with the weather in mind if it is sunny I spend time out of doors but if it is raining then the duvet is a better place to be.

  2. I like it when blogs reflect how people are feeling. Honest, not boring. A right pain about the demo though!
    I'm looking forward to retirement too with plenty of time and no work pressures. Right now that sounds like utter bliss.
    J x

  3. It sounds like the egg fast is going well for you. Congrats! Let me know if you find a job that includes walking through the sunny woods and snuggling under a duvet. I'm in!