Wednesday, 13 May 2015


This morning I woke up and thought "f**king alarm" (SOP) and then thought, "today's the day to start training before work." At this point I hadn't moved any part of me except my arm to turn off the alarm. Then I moved to get up and EVERYTHING seized up. Remember the heavy shopping yesterday? 4 litres of water plus nearly 2 litres of soda carried a mile? Yeah, too much too soon...
So no pre-work training session, just a longer and hotter shower than normal to loosen everything up again. Which it did, to be fair, so it's now OK as long as I don't sit in the same position for too long at a time. Note to self : DUMBASS. Don't do that again. I could easily have split the shopping over today and yesterday. Sigh.
Beautiful morning today anyway, although it was absolutely freezing when I left the house at 6:10 am. I went for another 2 mile walk at lunchtime because my back was starting to ache again after a morning sitting at my desk and it was good for probably 1.5 miles - then started aching again even though I wasn't carrying anything but my handbag and a 500ml bottle of Pepsi Max. It was really warm and I was walking in good company so I didn't regret going but I was pretty uncomfortable later.
I spent this evening wrestling with my computer so I didn't really spend a lot of time in the kitchen, or take in much of the TV that was on in the background. And so far the computer is winning...

Food today:
Breakfast: sausage, feta and spinach frittata with sauerkraut and bacon
Lunch: Roast pork and egg salad (sorry again, colleagues who probably wished I'd brought something less smelly)
Dinner: boneless buffalo chicken wings - chicken breast mini fillets in buffalo sauce - and salad with homemade blue cheese dressing
Snacks: pork scratchings; cheese

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  1. Ouch - that sounds very uncomfortable. I'm hoping it eases off quickly.
    J x