Saturday, 30 May 2015

Friday (late)

Back in the office today :-(
So, last night I finished the first 3 day egg fast (although I'm following the transition suggestions online and still eating egg fasty-y for breakfast and lunch to avoid a quick bounce back) and this morning I was down 8 pounds in total since last Tuesday (obviously that's a combined result from both fasts). Not as amazing as some people report, but for someone following the plan during TTOM who's been lucky to bounce around 2 or 3 pounds so far this YEAR it feels great!  I am of course massively tempted to keep going for another 5 day total but simultaneously craving actual meat, so I'm not doing that. I know that there's a water component but that's true of all diets early on so I'm not phased by that.
At lunchtime - after lunch - I suddenly started feeling really sick. So sick that I drove home to finish the day working from home. The weather at lunchtime had been so atrocious I didn't get a walk and I had to work later than usual to make up the travel time so I didn't have time to walk after work either, apart from a quick pop to the nearest shop. I didn't eat dinner till about 9 pm when hunger overwhelmed the concern about my dicky tum - luckily by then things had settled down with the help of quite a lot of diet ginger beer.

Food today:
Breakfast: scrambled eggs
Lunch: curried egg mayo
Dinner:  lamb and cumin burger
Snacks: cheese, pork rinds (homemade)

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  1. Well done you, that's an egg-cellent result! (sorry)
    Good luck with the next phase.
    J x