Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Finally doing a bit better

Still egging happily today...  It's weird, when I was a teenager I refused to eat eggs for years (I wasn't a big fan of hard boiled or fried eggs, which were all I tended to be offered, and then I was traumatised by a biology lesson in embryology using eggs to demonstrate) until I went to university and developed spontaneous cravings for poached eggs (which I had never eaten -  I assume the cravings were because I was doing a bad job of food planning and my body was letting me know what it needed).  Now here I am eating almost nothing else and enjoying it (though I don't know how long I could carry on that way)
Because I decided at short notice to try this I spent a large part of yesterday evening chopping, blanching and freezing Cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage, Brussels sprouts and spinach that I bought before deciding to eat no veg for a few days, to avoid waste. My fridge has never looked so spacious - the same can't be said of my freezer, as I'd also stocked up on meat at Aldi at the weekend. Ah well, when I return to normal low carb it should save money for a week or two.
Another beautiful morning today early on, again followed by clouding over completely to become grey and dreary. Summer can't come soon enough for me!
I did walk at lunchtime - the same boring walk to Sainsburys despite having no shopping to do because yesterday's torrential rain &  hail left my normal alternate routes muddy and slippery. The last thing I need is to slip and twist or jar everything just when my back is finally feeling better. Pity there's so few dry walking options around here though, it would be nice to be able to mix it up more without settling for walking in circles around the business parks... Which I have done before now. Anyway I had company for my walk which is always nice.
I had to do a little overtime today - unlike the last time I worked here it was at 5pm not the hideously antisocial 10pm, and it went quite well so not at all stressful. All overtime should be like that!
Still fighting with my computer though - and that is NOT stress-free. I've used nothing but PCs - Windows all the way - for about 15 years and now I've allowed myself to be talked into going Mac. I swear I'm definitely getting really old because virtually nothing seems intuitive to me on the thing and I keep getting really frustrated with it, which doesn't help. And I work in IT for God's sake! Aaarrggh!!!!

Food today:
Breakfast: fried eggs
Lunch: egg mayo salad
Dinner: cream cheese pancakes
Snacks: cheese


  1. Hi, Chrissie! I just recently stumbled across your blog. Good luck with the egg fast! I did it for 3 days at the end of January and dropped 4 pounds. It's a good tool to get the scales moving again.

  2. I'm getting new computer and laptop soon and I am sticking with Windows. I really cannot bear the thought of getting used to a totally new system.
    Cream cheese pancakes looks good - how do you do them?
    J x