Thursday, 7 May 2015

Feeling better: tweaking again

Another pretty good nights sleep last night and further improvements on the lurgy front so I'm feeling happier still today. I was really happy this morning driving to work in glorious sunshine - sadly within minutes of entering the office the sun was gone and all I could see from the window was cloud. But no rain thankfully. I managed to get out for a walk at lunchtime - 2.5 miles in fact. I was planning to go to Sainsburys but bumped into someone I hadn't caught up with yet and stopped for a chat. Given the length of the queues at Sainsburys every day that left me with not enough time to get there, shop and return so instead I went to the farm shop I used to visit here. I didn't buy anything very exciting but enjoyed a quick browse before heading back to town. I also stopped in a convenience store hoping to find a bag of the 'puffy' style Pork crunch scratchings - not to eat but to cook with ketogenically. I got lucky because they were on special so I got 3 large bags for £1.50 in total. So I did well really. I also had a productive day as far as work went, and that never hurts either.
I decided on another tweak to the eating plan today - actually more of a reverse tweak. Since I cut back on the protein my eating has gone into a much less controlled pattern. I'm still not even tempted by the carby crap, but I am overdoing the foods that are on the plan - especially the PB. So I'm allowing myself a bit more protein at least for a while.

Food today:
Breakfast: leftover chicken livers wrapped in prosciutto and fried eggs. I reheated the livers by frying them with the eggs and they really didn't taste of liver any more - which is a good thing
Lunch: cream cheese pancakes used as wraps with a filling of gammon and mayonnaise
Dinner: bolognese sauce on slim pasta noodles
Snacks: half an avocado; cheese

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