Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Crawling out of the pit

I'm egg fasting for a few days to bust any temptation to carry on from Friday. It's an extreme form of very low carb / ketogenic diet but it's not intended to last very long - usually 3 to 5 days - and I hope it's very well defined rules will let me think about food less. I know it will also make you all think I've lost my mind. But day 1 went very well and I feel good.  It will make my 'food today' updates look a bit samey but that's not particularly new.
The sun was shining this morning and yesterday's wallowing seems to have worn off. I'm now researching ways to work on strengthening the muscles in my back and core. I'd hoped they might have changed or evolved since the last time I had to work on them but so far it doesn't look like it.  Lying on the stomach lifting the chest up off the floor - done that.  Sit ups and leg raises - done that. Touching my toes...  Yep, that too. Having said that, even allowing for the current pain, I'm horrifyingly inflexible physically and if any of these (plus some of my favourite more gentle yoga stretches) can help with that I'll be happy.
This morning started with beautiful blue skies and I was feeling a lot more positive first thing. Then it clouded over and I was really annoyed because I wanted to shop at lunchtime (needed more eggs). Happily the forecast rain held off and I got my 2 miles and my eggs and felt a lot better still for doing it - unlike my pouting yesterday. My back does feel somewhat better (despite the appallingly non-ergonomic chairs in the office) so maybe there is light at the end of the tunnel...
15 minutes after we got back to the office we had hail...  Hail. WTF??? It's nearly June!!!  The hail was followed by torrential rain for most of the afternoon, I actually think the nicest hour of the day was perfectly timed for my walk (OK it looked better first thing, but it was still really cold then, and I was actually warm for some of my walk, so,  better) Then more hail this evening, it made so much noise rattling on the house that I briefly thought something was really wrong with my freezer until I realised the noise was outside. I'm so ready for summer....

Food today:
Breakfast: scrambled eggs
Lunch: egg mayo salad
Dinner: eggs florentine
Snacks: cheese

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  1. It wouldn;lt be for me but then I am sure what I do wouldn;lt be for you either! Every one is different and everyone has their own way. I'm glad it is helping!
    We had hail too and it's been jolly chilly. I put an extra cover over the quilt overnight and I'm wrapped up now in slippers and dressing gown as well as bed clothes - in May!!!
    J x