Thursday, 14 May 2015

Back still hurty

Well, I worked from home in my dressing gown today - literally didn't get dressed or leave the house. I spent half the morning working from the sofa and the rest of the day lying on the bed with the laptop on my stomach. As for tomorrow, I guess I'll decide that in the morning.
I had a weird kitchen disaster this evening.  I made some burgers - or at least that was the plan. The burgers went onto my Foreman Grill and the lid went down - but when I lifted it again to check on them and possibly turn them, what I discovered looked like some nutter had decided to grill Bolognese sauce. There was no structural integrity at all...  Which has never happened before. I'd made some gf rolls with this burger in mind, but ended up with kind of a sloppy Joe situation. It wasn't terrible - just really really unexpected. And now I have spicy beef mince for several more meals...

Food today:
Breakfast: sausage, feta and spinach frittata with sauerkraut and bacon
Lunch: cheese salad
Dinner: homemade chilli Burger/sloppy Joe in homemade low carb gf bun with salad
Snacks: pistachio nuts - portioned out


  1. What's included in a cheese salad? I"m intrigued.

  2. Backs are buggers I have had a dodgy one for years and have learned that as soon as it starts to complain I stop whatever i am doing and rest. There is nothing quite like a dressing gown day.