Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Another week...

I took Sunday and Monday off the egg fast, so in the end did a 5 day fast last week, and lost 4 lbs (it was 5 on Sunday morning, 4 yesterday). This morning it was still 4. I'm really pleased with that (ignoring the question of whether it's all water weight) but as I was so much heavier to start than I want to admit I'm thinking I'll spend a few weeks doing 3 day egg fasts to see if I can peel off some more. Starting today. BTW it's TTOM and as always I've been constipated due to water retention for several days.
The weekend also seems to have fixed my back - relaxation combined with walks that weren't just disguised shopping trips, walks on which I did not take my rucksack and just wandered around enjoying the walk as a walk. Yes, Diane, absolutely agree - there was a dog-shaped hole in those walks, although yesterday it was slightly filled my meeting a lovely friendly German Shepherd and terrier who were kind enough to let me fuss over them for a few minutes (and shed on me for a more ongoing reminder).
How I wish today had been more like that...  I was bored out of my skull at work all day, with no-one to talk to because so many people extended their bank holiday weekend by taking today off. Watching paint dry would have been wildly entertaining by comparison. And I needed some stuff from the pharmacy so I didn't have time to walk.
Then my drive home was extended from the normal 25 - 30 minutes to an hour and a quarter with a detour. There was an accident on my usual route home which had clearly just happened as I was already stuck in the traffic resulting when an ambulance, police car and collision investigator arrived. My detour took me through the centre of 2 small towns in rush hour (exacerbated by the number of cars rerouting around the accident). So my evening was less relaxing than I aim for after a crappy day at work and I doubt I'll sleep well tonight.
I do hope this accident wasn't too serious... there was already a police sign at the same point of the road asking for witnesses to another accident that happened last week. It's a strange place to be a black spot, it looks very open with good visibility. And it's somewhere I drive twice a day. I find that concerning...

Food today:
Breakfast: cream cheese pancakes
Lunch: egg mayo
Dinner:  egg drop soup
Snacks: cheese


  1. Perhaps it's too clear and open and people don;t concentrate enough? Like you, I hope things are OK for those involved.
    J x

  2. I am not keen on walking for its own sake but I do enjoy watching the dogs have a great time. I guess it is a bit like taking children to the park you might not enjoy the swings but you enjoy watching them have fun.