Tuesday, 7 April 2015


Tired and fed up today. All weekends make me feel like this, but the longer the weekend the more strongly I feel.
I slept reasonably well last night too, but I walked nearly 8.5 miles through the day and with the low level stress of even a smooth journey as well I was really tired yesterday again.
I was so bored at work today that staying awake was really hard - and I was hungry all day too. I managed not to eat too much more than I should have - just some cheese - and went out for a walk at lunchtime. I was going for an exploratory wander along a new route which unfortunately turned out to be shorter than I'd hoped because it was a loop that ended quite close to the office - and by then I was so hungry all I could do was go in for lunch. At least I tried!

Food today:
Breakfast: cheesy scrambled eggs
Lunch: Gammon salad
Dinner: tuna fried Cauliflower rice
Snacks: pork scratchings, cheese

1 comment:

  1. How disappointing to discover that the new route wasn't all that interesting after all. However, you got out into the lovely warm air so that's good.
    I hope you are feeling well again now.
    J x