Thursday, 9 April 2015


Frustration is bad for morale - and health
Work was complete crap again today. It didn't get off to the best start as I arrived to get an email to ask me to look after 2 new starters this morning - the first I knew about their existence much less my responsibility for them. Somewhat unexpectedly that was the high point of the day - they both seem really nice, they aren't as jaded and disillusioned as they soon will be, and it wasn't for very long. Then I got back to my day job and almost instantly reverted to my usual state of impotent homicidal rage. Which lasted all f**king day. Even going for a walk at lunchtime didn't help. I went to an ethnic supermarket in search of M's cheap peanut butter but they didn't have any. I did buy a few other bits and they kept me hanging around at the till for so long that I had to cut my planned walk short and get a move on back to the office. I should really have just walked out, but I'd run completely out of coconut oil, so I just stood there like a lemon. And felt my blood pressure rise several more points.
On top of that my personal email was screwed on my mobile so I was sincerely tempted to hurl the phone at the nearest window. Or flush it down the loo. Or stick it in the microwave /dishwasher. Or just jump up and down on it.

I do love days that turn me into Godzilla's bad tempered aunt / Satan's evil twin.

I am TERRIFYING today.

Food today:
Breakfast: protein chia pudding
Lunch: Chicken and mushroom soup
Dinner: chicken & egg salad
Snacks: pork scratchings, hard boiled egg

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  1. Heck! I think it must have been 'one of those days' across the country. Mine went in similar vein (also had a new starter I knew nothing of beforehand amongst other joys), and I got seriously grumpy. At one point I sent a text to my hubby to let off steam. It just read F... F... F...itty F... (or similar). He knew exactly what I meant!
    Hope today proves better for us both.