Friday, 24 April 2015

One of those days...

I really wanted a walk at lunchtime today and for the second time in 2 days my boss arranged a meeting that clashed. Yesterday she decided half way through I didn't need to attend; today she just didn't show up. I'm sorry, but that's really inconsiderate in my book - obviously things can come up, but so can a quick word to say sorry, can't make it, we'll do it Monday instead. Grrrrrrrr.
Still, at least today I'd remembered my lunch!
And only 4 more working days...

Food today:
Breakfast: leftover turkey burger with an egg
Lunch: Salad with cold chicken thigh, avocado and feta cheese
Dinner: bits and pieces - cold meats and cheese mostly
Snacks: homemade pork rinds

1 comment:

  1. Your boss doesn't come over as very considerate, sadly.
    J x