Wednesday, 15 April 2015

I need to retire...

I hate my job
It's my own fault for telling the whole world yesterday that I'd found a major flaw in the logic of one of the most important parts of the system, but as a result I got to spend nearly the entire day in meetings as everyone started panicking. It was a beautiful day again - and I worked through lunch. We then had a crappy drive home, on a day when I really wanted to just get indoors, climb into my dressing gown and vegetate for the evening.
So M suggested a consolatory takeaway, and I agreed on condition it was a kebab because that's the only takeaway I trust. It was delicious - and delivered very promptly - and I resisted the urge to buy a bottle of whisky and drown my sorrows. I also steered clear of the peanut butter - which was a lot harder. Tomorrow I have a follow up appointment at the hospital for my eye so I'm working from home. Hopefully that will allow me to avoid getting so stressed and keep me on a more even keel - instead of veering wildly between homicidal rage and suicidal depression. Only 2 more weeks on this job...

Food today:
Breakfast: eggs scrambled with bacon
Lunch: Beef and mushroom soup
Dinner: lamb shish kebab and a tiny bit of salad with homemade lemon cream sauce instead of commercial sauce.
Snacks: Pork rinds, cheese


  1. Hopefully, two weeks is manageable. It's not good when one is unhappy.
    J x

  2. There is only one good point about your homicidal rage - it burns calories. Can I recommend going to the nearest shooting club and getting a lesson. I imagine every clay pigeon to be someone I would like to shoot - it does wonders for your aim :)