Thursday, 26 March 2015

What a difference a day makes....

Why did I have to boast about being happy to get out and about yesterday? Was I trying to ruin the weather today? It was dismal this morning and there was just no way I was going anywhere before work except into the office. Rain, cold (though milder than yesterday) and wind. Which only eased off when it was time for me to start actually working, and there was no time to question whether a walk might be feasible. (it wouldn't have been - the whole morning was just crap) The forecast offered hope of sunny intervals - with rain before 9 am and over lunch. Stupid weather. Stupid forecasters. (Yes.  I know they don't make the weather. But I'm bitter) In the event I was prevented from walking between 12 and 1:30 by a conference call from 12:10 to 1:30. During the call there was a torrential shower that would have left me looking like a drownded rather all afternoon so I suppose I should be grateful - but it was such a long, tedious, unproductive call that I basically lost the will to live, so getting soaked would have been much better. The sun shone quite a lot this afternoon, but it clouded over again about 40 minutes before I was leaving.
So obviously I didn't go for a walk today. Except walking around the office and popping to the nearest shop after work - for a total of 2.3 unsatisfactory miles. Coming just when I'm getting my energy back it was frustrating. Work was also frustrating. All in all a less than satisfying day.
This evening after a few days of relative tinglylessness my left fingers - all of them - and my feet - both of them - broke out in tingling again to see pretty maddening degree. I didn't take the second dose either, so it's doubly weird. Having said that I'm having some stomach cramping and mood swinging along with constipation and water retention so I guess it's TTOM and the pills are just adding their mite to the general discomfort.

I really hope it isn't raining again tomorrow...

Food today:
Breakfast: microwaved scrambled eggs with a little gammon and a very little spinach
Lunch: homemade soup
Dinner: chili topped with a little Greek yogurt and grated cheddar
Snacks: very small amount of pate-stuffed celery; babybel cheese


  1. :-( It all sounds pretty uncomfortable right now. The weekend is near, does that cheer you up? It does me!

  2. Yesterday was a crap day here too lets hope today is better

  3. Hmm, this week hasn't been the finest. Maybe this means the only way is up? (I can dream, can't I?)