Thursday, 12 March 2015

Sad, long, tiring day

The sad part is because of the death of one my favourite authors and all round heroes,  Terry Pratchett's, only 66 years old. I really admired his talent and his attitude when he was diagnosed,and it's tragic that he's dead so relatively young.

The other parts are both more personal and more trivial. I had what should have been my final discharge appointment at the Royal Berkshire Hospital today. Needless to say it ate my entire morning - since the house move my former 4 miles walking for these appointments became 6 miles and then of  course there was all the waiting around including getting a scan and picking up a prescription, topped off by not being discharged. Sigh.  The surgeon who actually operated on my blasted eye finally saw me again.  He was quite surprised to pick up on some swelling that usually happens soon after the operation but rarely appears almost a year on, so he gave me a prescription for drops and pills to take care of that.  He also confirmed what I'd already figured out - I have cataracts beginning to form (I spotted a few fuzzy areas in my vision consistently in the same place a couple of weeks ago but didn't want to talk about it given that last time I made a fuss they couldn't see anything wrong. Which was daft of me because unlike the visual weirdness back then, this hasn't gone away)  Anyhow they don't need removing yet but of course they will eventually.  So lucky me I'll be having another procedure at some point, and this one I'm told is done with local anaesthetic which frankly terrifies me.
And the tiring part of the day? In total, counting a quick shop after finishing work (working from home of course), I walked 7 miles today. Low carb and not even tempted to eat crap like I usually do on these little excursions. But I was dead on my ass after all that and still am now...

Food today:
Breakfast: eggs scrambled with mushrooms and a couple of rashers of bacon
Lunch: smoked ham straight from the pack while walking home
Dinner: chicken thighs with lemon cream sauce and grilled asparagus
Snacks: pork scratchings, Greek yogurt, babybel goat's cheese


  1. Just feel your very courageous the way you've handled your eye issues(I would be really fearful and paranoid) and would also like to suggest, Chrissie that eating lutein(green, yellow & orange foods) foods are very beneficial for eye health.

  2. You could do without that, couldn't you. I believe they are easily sortable though, thank goodness.
    J x

  3. Oh Chrissie. I know it isn't what you'd wish for, but...
    Try not to fret the cataract op - they are (sadly) pretty much inevitable after the surgery you've already been through, but if it helps reassure you in any way, my lovely hubby's was absolutely not a problem at all and went seamlessly.