Monday, 9 March 2015

Ouch ow bloody hell

I managed to have a gluten free and low carb weekend - low carb enough to feel tired just walking yesterday, which surprised me at the time but is a good thing given my ketogenic plans.
Now my training course is over and the real work is done with I have a little more freedom. I didn't have the energy to walk before work, but while travelling in with M I will be arriving at the crack of dawn and my plan is to take a prework wake up walk (when weather and sun rise times permit). I'm also bringing my breakfast with me to work because I can't face eating that early which I hope will help with not snacking excessively. I'm feeling relatively optimistic today about this! I also feel really crappy in a carb flu kind of way, which I guess says a lot about the way I ate last week (and a lot of the time before that). I'm currently trying to see it more as a good sign than a problem (and browsing the Web for suggestions for feeling better) and hoping like hell I'll feel better soon enough to keep my motivation going :-) Because a headache that actually made my teeth throb - NOT FUN. AT ALL. And the nausea wasn't a party in my stomach either. So tomorrow I will be taking some (hopefully) preventative measures : in case of sodium /electrolyte loss I'm taking some beef stock cubes to work so I can drink one if need be, and I'll also take some fattier and proteinier snacks while I'm adapting. I sooooooooooo hope it doesn't take too long...

Food today:
Breakfast: almond pancakes with butter and chicken liver pate
Lunch: cheesy spinach soup - NO evil sandwiches or crisps!!!
Dinner: chicken thighs with lemon cream sauce and a grilled salad of romaine lettuce and cucumber
Snacks: toasted coconut flakes

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  1. A headache to make your teeth throb sounds ike maybe it is a sinus thing. They are very ouch, I agree.
    Take care.
    J x