Friday, 6 March 2015

One week down

More technical issues this morning.... IT is rubbish. I swear some people want it that way so they always have a job fixing problems... I could just be being cynical because I don't understand networking at all I admit.
Anyhow, the training course is finished and it only lasted twice as long as it should. Today it dragged on nearly half an hour longer than it should and hadn't actually finished when I left - they'd wandered off into marketing speak instead of technical /system stuff.  And as a result our drive home was crap.  The hard work starts on Monday, but at least from now on I should be able to finish work at 4.
This evening we had another takeaway because we were starving when we got home at last, and it's hard to be good when starving.

Food today:
Breakfast: cashews (I was still feeling bloated and fed up of food generally, so couldn't be bothered to eat my intended eggy breakfast)
Lunch: evil sandwiches & crisps
Dinner: peri peri chicken (lots) and a few fries
Snacks: fruit, a wispa bar


  1. Very hard, I agree. Hungry and tired are a recipe for disaster!
    J x

  2. So a bad week put it behind you and go forward with good cheer to next week which WILL be better