Friday, 13 March 2015

Medication, that's what I need...

So here I am back to taking eye drops 4 times a day - and I have not been missing that. They are prednisolone drops, steroids for short term use against inflammatory eye conditions. Apparently the only side effects are a stinging sensation (yup) and possible blurred vision - not so far. The capsules I'm also taking twice a day apparently can cause tingling fingertips while also acting as a diuretic; the consultant told me a lot of people stop using them as a result. I haven't noticed either effect so far and I'd like to hammer the eye swelling with a combined attack, so fingers crossed that continues. They don't sound that bad to me anyway as side effects go but I guess the fingertips things might have a water torture kind of effect.
Thanks Joy, Deniz and Cosmic for your kind comments. I'll be eating spinach by the ton in the hope of putting off the procedure - I know it's very minor really, but the idea of being awake, temporarily blind, and hearing what's going on around me is way more scary to me than the mechanics of the procedure itself. I am a big coward when people get anywhere near my face, especially my eyes, with sharp pointy things and I'm not ashamed to admit it!
Anyway, I've not spent the whole day worrying about it (some, not all). I had a moderately frustrating day at work - my boss had arranged to spend the day in a meeting room with me working on the website I'm supposed to test, and as a result I made plans based on not taking a long lunch break - left my coat & walking boots at home. Then she didn't come into the office today and I was kind of stuck because I didn't want to get blisters from trying to walk in heels right before the weekend started. I made up for it by walking about 3 miles after work instead though. Food wise I was good again today with no temptation to break out or go wild. I know I've had good patches many times  before and then spectacularly failed so I'm not going to bother claiming I'm on a roll or I've found the magic bullet - I'll just stick to it for as long as possible and hope it improves my general health along the way.
Oh all, I admit - screw my general health, I hope I lose weight along the way!  But vanity aside, I have been feeling much more in control this past week - and I like feeling that way.

Food today:
Breakfast: eggs scrambled with leek and gammon and a tiny bit of cream
Lunch: Gammon with salad
Dinner: zoodles topped with roast chicken and lemon cream sauce with a side of asparagus tips.
Snacks: pork rinds

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  1. Feeling in control is the bottom line and the key to it all, I think. I also think you are doing brilliantly amid all the changes and added challenges that have been put on you.
    J x