Wednesday, 11 March 2015

I can do it!

I'm feeling better again today - not headache or nausea at all. I guess I'm pretty lucky, when I was looking for ways to take the pain away (excluding decapitation as I felt the downside might outweigh the benefits) I was reading about people feeling rubbish for weeks. Of course they also may have gone cold turkey to a more extreme degree than me as well. So far this week I've been trying to keep below 50g of carbs a day, but at least in the short term my target will be even lower as I'm trying to CRUSH my carb-loving tendencies. I am definitely feeling (and looking I think) less bloated already and my digestive system is a lot happier than it was, so those are good signs. I still don't have much physical energy but I'm not feeling as knackered as I was at the beginning of the week either - today I didn't have to battle with my eyelids until 3 pm...

Food today:
Breakfast: 3 almond pancakes with butter topped with 2 poached eggs (poached in the microwave at work and sadly a bit overcooked)
Lunch: tuna mayo on a bed of salad
Dinner: grilled lamb and salad
Snacks: cheddar

1 comment:

  1. Do take care Chrissie your body craves carbs because they are needed if you burn fat instead you will build up ketones as a by product which will not make you feel well ask any diabetic.